Salcedo to River

One of the winter’s longest-running transfer sagas has finally come to an end on Friday with the news that the apple of Diego Simeone’s eye, Newell’s Old Boys’ Paraguayan striker Santiago Salcedo, has left Rosario to join River Plate. The champions have been ceded Salcedo’s registration by Fernando Hidalgo and Eduardo López, a pair of businessmen who’ve just bought him from Newell’s.

Presumably there’s going to be an agreement reached with the club, but the final details have yet to be agreed fully. Diego Simeone will be happy that he can start planning for the season ahead with the forward who’s been at the top of his shopping list all summer, though. The fee paid by the business is expected to be around US$7.5 million, of which US$6 million will go to Newell’s after tax – the amount they’d been asking for all along. Salcedo returned to Argentina from his holidays on Friday, and will now begin discussing a new contract with the champions.

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