Caruso Lombardi leaves Newell’s

Ricardo Caruso Lombardi has stepped down as manager of Rosario club Newell’s Old Boys, one week before the start of the 2008 Torneo Apertura. The manager has left the club after ten-and-a-half months in charge, probably a result of a poor relationship with club president Eduardo López and certain senior players, although for his own part he refused to blame anyone publicly.

‘There’s no going back’ from this decision, according to Caruso Lombardi, who was hired last September with the objective of steering the club away from the relegation battle, a task he pulled off comfortably. Arguments with the directors this winter about transfer targets, though, were too much for him according to TyCSports‘ website. The fact that his resignation’s been handed in on the same day as Newell’s star striker Santiago Salcedo finally makes his way to River Plate may not be a coincidence (in my own thinking).

Olé claim that the favourite to replace Caruso at this point is Fernando Gamboa, an ex-defender and favourite with the club’s fans. Caruso had the following to say to the press: ‘It’s done. I’m no longer coach of Newell’s by mutual agreement with the president. The reasons for my exit will remain between me and the president. We know them but I’m not going to tell them.’

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5 thoughts on “Caruso Lombardi leaves Newell’s

  1. Bad news for Newell’s, and bad news for the Argentine game. Caruso Lombardi is a charismatic and effective coach who can motivate small teams to create big shocks. How many times has he beaten Boca now?
    I’m sure he’ll be back with whichever team really needs a lift for the 2009 Clausura to steer clear of relegation.

  2. Terrible news, what with only a week to go until the season starts. According to the press conference I saw, Caruso stated that Lopez actually asked for his resignation. Lopez hasn’t denied that, but he’s an odd bird who doesn’t seem to really care what Caruso says about him.

    Caruso later said, and I tend to agree, that he felt like Lopez already had another coach lined up. Canal 3 in Rosario reports that they already have a verbal agreement with Gamboa and he is due to sign today (Saturday) and be introduced on Monday.

  3. Oh yeah, the nail in the coffin was not Salcedo’s deal. He knew that was coming. Caruso said that he had been told only one of the big names was going to be sold, and that morning in practice, Hernan Bernardello was pulled into the locker room and told his pass had been sold to the same group that bought Salcedo. That is what sent him down to see Lopez after practice.

  4. Welcome back, Sam. Hope you had a refreshing break.

    This is bad news for Newell’s, but can’t exactly be considered surprising. Caruso Lombardi has had similar situations previously, most recently at Argentinos, where he has left due to personal conflicts rather than results.

  5. Bad news for Newell’s, that’s true.

    But this resignation proves that Caruso Lombardi can’t get along with chairmans.

    He had the same problem in Argentinos Jrs, where he resigned in the middle of the championship with the team doing really well.

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