Migliore moves to Racing

'What do you mean, you want me to play outfield?!'

Racing showed on the opening day of the Apertura that they’ve still got some improving to do in certain areas if they’re not going to have a repeat of last season’s desperate struggle against relegation. On Tuesday, a step forward was taken with the unveiling of Boca Juniors’ Pablo Migliore on loan, to provide more competition in the goalkeeping department.

Migliore, pictured above, arrives at El Cilindro on a one-year loan for no fee, and Racing have also secured the option to buy him at the end of that loan period for a fee of US$1 million. He’s already taken part in his first training session for La Academia and is expected to be in the starting XI for this weekend’s match against the club with whom he started his career – Huracán.

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3 thoughts on “Migliore moves to Racing

  1. Pablito looked out of his depth subbing for Caranta. He’s older than JP Carrizo and Ustari, too, so if he’s going to develop into a reliable number one, he’d better get started soon.

  2. You know, I used to joke about Boca trading Migliore for a six pack and some beef jerky. As it turns out, they might very well get less than that for him.

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