Apertura ’08: Round 4 scores and scorers

The clásico was a bit of a damp squib in the end: River and San Lorenzo didn’t exactly serve up a poor match, but it wasn’t a great one either and the one talking point was the undisputed foul of the weekend, a flying studs-up kick by San Lorenzo defender Sebastián Méndez right in the middle of River striker Radamel Falcao García’s back which was the last action of the game and earned him a well-deserved red card. Falcao, mercifully, was uninjured. Elsewhere Boca adjusted to life without Martín Palermo pretty well, youngster Osvaldo Gaitán bagging a brace – although they were only playing Huracán. Estudiantes, Vélez and Lanús all won, the latter coming from 2-0 down thanks to a José Sand hat-trick. The story of the weekend, though, was at La Paternal where no-one was quite sure what was the bigger surprise: that Argentinos lost, after one year and four days unbeaten at home; or that Racing won, after – seemingly – almost as long.

Primera División A Torneo Apertura 2008, fourth round:
Tigre (M. Morel 61; N. Paparatto OFF 86) 1 – 2 San Martín de Tucumán (M. Turdó 13; R. Leone 66)
Lanús (J. Sand 37, 47, 63; D. Valeri OFF 72) 3 – 2 Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy (C. Carranza 30; F. Pieters 33)
Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba (I. Borghello 47) 1 – 3 Vélez Sársfield (W. Ponce 35; H. López 42; J. M. Martínez 85)
Colón de Santa Fe (A. Capurro 11; P. Aguilar OFF 89) 1 – 1 Newell’s Old Boys (J. C. Ferreyra 88)
Rosario Central 0 – 0 Banfield
Argentinos Juniors 0 – 1 Racing Club (L. González 14)
Estudiantes de La Plata (J. S. Verón 21; J. L. Calderón 82) 2 – 0 Arsenal Fútbol Club
Huracán 0 – 3 Boca Juniors (L. Viatri 9; O. Gaitán 76, 88)
River Plate 0 – 0 San Lorenzo de Almagro (G. Voboril OFF 88; S. Méndez OFF 90+2)
Independiente (L. Núñez 23; D. Ledesma OFF 63) 1 – 1 Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (F. Niell 46; E. González OFF 80)

As ever, check back later on Monday for the weekly goal video.

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One thought on “Apertura ’08: Round 4 scores and scorers

  1. Hello, first time I’ve commented on the website. But keep up the good work. It certainly keeps me informed anyways. I’m from Scotland but always have had a keen interest in the league in Argentina mainly due to the passion of the fans to be honest, but obviously like to watch the football as well. Who do you think will be the next crop of players to head to Europe from Argentina?…. because I havent been to up to date recently. I remember telling my friends about Aguero for the first time when he was at Independiente etc….

    P.SWhile Im a Celtic fan and (must NOT like Racing) I have to admit that they done well to win there at Argentinos for the first time in years !!!

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