Apertura ’08: Round 4 goals

An extra treat this week, because the goals from the lower divisions have been put online by TN as well – something they do sometimes and not at others. For the Primera A goals of the weekend, all twenty-two of them, including an absolutely unbelievable one from José Sand for Lanús (the first of his hat-trick) click here. You’ll find the link to the Ascenso goals, the full running order of the TN Primera A video, and a few of my favourites this week by reading on.

Primera A Show de Goles:
Huracán (white) vs. Boca (navy & gold)
Independiente (red) vs. Gimnasia LP (white & navy)
Lanús (maroon) vs. Gimnasia de Jujuy (sky blue & white stripes)
Tigre (navy & red) vs. San Martín (T) (red & white stripes)
Argentinos (red) vs. Racing (sky blue & white stripes)
Estudiantes (red & white stripes) vs. Arsenal (red & sky blue)
Colón (white) vs. Newell’s (red & black halves)
Godoy Cruz (navy, white pinstripe) vs. Vélez (white, navy ‘V’)

I’ve highlighted the kits worn by Colón and Newell’s because both side’s home colours are identical – but it’s Colón, the hosts, playing in their normal away kit, for some reason. Just in case you were wondering.

Click here to watch the goals from the Ascenso on the TN site (with a caption to tell you which teams you’re watching at any given moment. Why don’t they do that for Primera A?).

My favourites:

Pieters: Lanús 0 – 2 Gimnasia de Jujuy (33rd min)

Sand: Lanús 1 – 2 Gimnasia de Jujuy (37th min)

Verón: Estudiantes 1 – 0 Arsenal (21st min)

Calderón: Estudiantes 2 – 0 Arsenal (82nd min)

Leone: Tigre 1 – 2 San Martín (T) (66th min)

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2 thoughts on “Apertura ’08: Round 4 goals

  1. How lucky, as usual, were Indpendiente? I watched the match with Gimnasia, and in the second half, Lobo should have destroyed them. Two clearances off the line, for a start, they played so poor in the second half to make GELP look nothing like a relegation threatened side.

    I think Boca really will thrash Independiente in the next match, and Borghi will be gone.

    Neill’s goal was one of my favourites this week. My favourite goal, though, was by Leandro Gonzalez! : )

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