Not the best preparation

Argentina travelled to Lima on Monday, where they’re now preparaing to take on Peru on Wednesday night. All is not well, however, for Alfio Basile’s side. Following Carlos Tevez’s second red card in three matches for the selección, they’ll have to get ready for Peru with one forward fewer of Basile’s squad. And as well as that, the AFA could also be in some legal trouble from Getafe, of Spain.

Tevez told TyCSports on Monday that he’d apologised to Basile for the red card which reduced Argentina to ten men before half time on Saturday. ‘I can’t find any explanation for what I did, but I can’t do that again,’ Tevez told the cameras. The foul itself was a nasty mistake but many onlookers felt a straight red card was a harsh punishment. Carlitos, though, wasn’t trying to hide away from the blame. ‘I felt like it was my match, and I felt the confidence of the manager. Afterwards, when we talked, I told him I’d felt it, and that I was sorry.’ There are those who’ve suggested Tevez could be running out of starting chances for Argentina, having not scored as many as he probably should for the national side – who themselves have now not won in six senior matches – with other strikers knocking on the door. How confident Basile feels in him after the Peru game, we shall have to see.

With Tevez feeling he’d let the side down to some extent, then, the national setup is also having pressure exerted on it from without. Angel Torres, the president of Spanish club Getafe, has pronounced himself and the club ‘indignant’ after Abbondanzieri’s injury now means that the Argentine national side have deprived his club of their two main goalkeepers in a little less than a month – Oscar Ustari having been injured during the Olympic Football Tournament.

‘Someone’s got to sort this out,’ Torres told Argentina’s Radio La Red. ‘The methods [of doing said sorting out] have to be examined and I hope that the AFA have an insurance policy [for the players] because the situation for us is really serious. We’re going to look at whether we have a case to sue the AFA.’ In a moment of romanticism that lovers of the international game probably can’t quite believe from a club president in this situation, though, Torres clarified that he wouldn’t prevent his players from accepting future call-ups if their countries called upon them. His annoyance, though, stems not so much from the injuries to his two goalkeepers – although that’s undeniably a sore point – as from the fact that none of the AFA’s technical or medical team contacted Getafe to inform them of the situation. ‘If we want a medical opinion, it has to be from our own medic rather than theirs.’

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3 thoughts on “Not the best preparation

  1. So no Tevez and no Masche for Peru ? I think Masche is out on accumulated yellows. Tough break for Getafe but whaddaya gonna do ? If I were them I’d be hoping Cata Diaz doesn’t get struck by lightening. How badly hurt is Pato ? I haven’t heard.

    I still like Carlitos as an integral part of the offense. That said, he and Aguero can be interchangeable depending on the opposition.

    After Peru let’s see if the great and wonderful Coco says sayonara to Heinze. He’s a scrapper but it looks like time and injuries have taken a toll on him.

  2. Correct Johnny, el Jefecito is suspended for the Peru game as well. I’d expect either Battaglia or (just maybe) Zanetti to play in his place alongside Gago.

    Abbondanzieri is going to require five stitches apparently, for a ‘deep cut’ of his right knee. Agustín Orión has been called up to replace him in the squad, though Juampi Carrizo will probably be starting in Lima.

  3. Sam-Thanks for the update on Pato. Five stitches ?! The way Getafe was moaning I thought maybe they were going to have to shoot Pato like a done in racehorse !

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