Apertura ’08: Round 5 fixtures

It’s been a long two weeks away from top flight club action, but after the disappointments of the selección‘s performances against Paraguay and Peru, the Primera A is back to provide us – surely – with some good football and excitement once again. Champions River Plate have been experimenting during the break and it’s anyone’s guess who Diego Simeone will put out against Arsenal in Sarandí on Sunday evening, but Boca Juniors look certain to bring Rodrigo Palacio back into the starting lineup for the clásico against Independiente. Elsewhere two of the newly promoted sides meet in Tucumán, Colón visit Banfield and Racing host Tigre.

Kick off times are local. Add four hours for British Summer Time.

Primera División A Torneo Apertura 2008, fifth round:
Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy vs. Huracán (Fri, 19:00)
Banfield vs. Colón de Santa Fe (Fri, 21:15)
Newell’s Old Boys vs. Lanús (Sat, 16:10)
Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata vs. Argentinos Juniors (Sat, 18:20)
San Lorenzo de Almagro vs. Rosario Central (Sat, 18:20)
Racing Club vs. Tigre (Sat, 21:10)
San Martín de Tucumán vs. Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba (Sun, 14:10)
Vélez Sársfield vs. Estudiantes de La Plata (Sun, 14:10)
Boca Juniors vs. Independiente (Sun, 16:20)
Arsenal Fútbol Club vs. River Plate (Sun, 18:40)

I’m visiting London this weekend so there won’t be updates of the matches on Friday and Saturday evenings, but I’ll be back online in time to round up the final matches of the weekend (trains permitting).

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10 thoughts on “Apertura ’08: Round 5 fixtures

  1. Hey, does anyone know a good place to pubically watch Argentine football, especially the SuperClasico, in Montreal? I know a couple of places to watch La Liga, but I’m not sure if they show South American leagues.

  2. Atul, I’m visiting a couple of my best friends in London. If it’s any consolation, there wouldn’t have been time!

    Nolan, I can’t help you with that one specifically (some of my readers might be able to), but from my experience following Argentine football from afar, the super is always a lot easier to find coverage of outside Argentina than any of the other domestic fixtures. For watching the weekly matches, there are websites that can help you (not that I as a person or HEGS as an entity would ever endorse that sort of behaviour, you understand)…

  3. Hi!

    I was thinking of going to see San Lorenzo on saturday.
    Anyone here knows how to get there (I live in San Telmo) and if it´s hard to fin the ticket office?


  4. Hello Nolan-I was in Montreal a few months ago. Your best bet is a place called “Champs”. 3956 Blvd. St. Laurent. 514 987 6444. They are futbol crazy at that place with every satellite hook up imaginable. I watched the Argentina-Brazil qualifier there. Luck.

  5. johan i know its 2 late. But i have been advised that san lorenzo is even more dangerous than the neighbourhood of boca!!! there really are some unsavoury characters around there, even the police don’t go there. This is what the locals told me when i was stayin in palermo as i wanted to go and see lorenzo’s stadium but they advised against it. maybe i will take ross kemp and danny dyer with me next time!!!!!!!

  6. atul b:
    Thanks for the info.
    I don´t really fing Boca that dangerous, I was at the game toay and it was fine.

    Have you heard anything about Independiente and Racin Club (avellaneda)?


  7. Right Atul b. I’ve never found Boca to be dangerous on game day, though I don’t go wandering any back streets at night ! I have heard the same as some others, that the San Lorenzo stadium area is very sketchy, but I don’t have any personal experience there.

  8. You obviously have to be a bit cautious in La Boca, but providing you use some common sense you shouldn’t have too many problems.

    The stadium of San Lorenzo, on the other hand, is located right next to one of the roughest villas of Buenos Aires. It’s populated in large part by very poor immigrants from Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay and is notorious for drug related violence.

    If you really want to go to watch Los Cuervos, then I would play it pretty carefully and also avoid going to any evening matches.

  9. Serenity Now:
    Good to know, and after some research on the internet it seems as it really is a quite dangerous area.

    Avellaneda seems to be quite dangerous as well, right?

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