An appreciation of Diego Buonanotte

Tuesday’s been a fairly slow news day and I didn’t get home until after midnight tonight, so forgive me for just linking to my writing elsewhere in October’s first post. Over a year ago, prior to the 2007 Apertura kicking off, I suggested that one of the players to watch in the next twelve months would be Diego Buonanotte. Not to blow my own trumpet, but a year after his first goal for River Plate, he’s done so well that a website the size of Soccernet, no less, have just published a feature on him. The fact that I wrote that feature myself might, of course, lead some to suggest that my powers of prediction aren’t really that impressive. But anyway, do you want to read it or not? If so, click here.

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6 thoughts on “An appreciation of Diego Buonanotte

  1. I’m from Vancouver, Canada and want to a match in November or December. How can get a ticket to Boca v River, or any other match in Buenos Aires ?

  2. Unless they both reach the Copa Sudamericana semi-finals, Deb, you won’t be getting a ticket for Boca vs. River in November or December – the league superclásico is in 2 1/2 weeks’ time.

    For any other match, go to the stadium during the week before the game and buy the tickets from the ticket office. They’ll cost around US$8.

  3. It’ll be on that weekend, Deb. The exact date won’t be decided on until closer to the time, it will most likely depend in part upon whether Boca are still in the Copa Sudamericana at that point.

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