Borghi caught in a storm

Huracán celebrate a spectacular winner
Huracán celebrate a spectacular winner

Independiente find themselves managerless on Sunday evening after losing by a single goal to Huracán in Argentinos’ stadium. Claudio Borghi, who’s overseen just two wins so far in the Apertura, and three consecutive defeats after the loss today to Leandro Díaz’s brilliant overhead kick, stood down from his post after the match, telling reporters; ‘after the match I already knew I had to go, it was logical.’

The win for Huracán lifted them off the bottom of the table at last in front of a crowd whose noisiest contingent was the away fans chanting for Borghi’s head. Ismael Sosa wasted the best chance of the first half for Independiente, but it was about the only one El Rojo managed as Huracán created more in what was, all the same, not an especially impressive performance. In the second half Díaz provided the one moment of real quality with a spectacular chilena which left Fabián Assman, in the Independiente goal, with no chance.

After three golden points for Huracán, there’s more good news, because as Independiente lose their boss, El Globo are in talks to secure a new one of their own. Angel Cappa, who’s currently working in Spain for sports paper Marca, has told the website of Argentina’s El Gráfico that he’s looking forward to taking over very soon, once the ‘t’s have been crossed and ‘i’s dotted on the finer details of his contract and severance from his current position. Francisco Russo, who will be Cappa’s assistant, is to start working with Huracán’s current caretaker boss Héctor Martínez in the next few days, according to Cappa himself.

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One thought on “Borghi caught in a storm

  1. Angel Cappa, as I said before, talks a good game, but is he a relic of a past era? Of course, he wants to play beautiful football in the style of Menotti or the Dutch total footballers, but it never seems to work out these days, certainly not his last spell at Racing.

    Duncan Shaw said Cappa had been the best ever guest on Fiebre de Futbol on the old Sportmania Spanish TV channel, and the media seems to be where he is best suited. I discovered he’s spent most of the last few years in South African football. I’m really surprised he even wants to move back into the most pressurised league in the world.

    Mind you, Huracan played really ugly football under Ubeda, so I suppose it’s worth them trying anything. Good luck to him.

    I found that Cappa has a blog, or at least, one written on his behalf. It contains a picture of him about ten years ago, looking like the keyboard player from Sparks. Anyway, lots of wordy commitment to ‘good football’, maybe we’ll see more from Hugo Barrientos. That Cesar Gonzalez is quite a good player also, if a bit in and out – he missed a really easy chance tonight – and he could benefit too. But they will continue to be defensively poor,if Ubeda didn’t have the knowledge to put that right, who can?

    As for Independiente, I think their next DT should be Steve Wigley.

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