Apertura ’08: Round 10 goals

All the goals from the tenth round of the 2008 Torneo Apertura are online now, including Seba Verón’s stunner for Estudiantes and all six of the strikes in the fantastic Arsenal – Vélez match (Vélez’s new shirt deserving a highlight of its own, if you ask me). You can view them, as ever, right here on the TN sportblog. Usual business applies; namely, read on for a running order of this video if you can’t work out which teams are which. I’ve also embedded a video below of a ‘play by play’ highlights video of the superclásico – ten whole minutes of it for your viewing pleasure…

Running order for TN Show de Goles:
River (white, red sash) vs. Boca (navy & gold)
San Lorenzo (navy & red stripes) vs. San Martín (T) (red & white stripes)
Tigre (navy & red) vs. Lanús (maroon)
Banfield (green & white stripes) vs. Racing (sky blue & white stripes)
Central (navy & yellow stripes) vs. Gimnasia (white & navy)
Colón (white) vs. Independiente (red)
Estudiantes (red & white stripes) vs. Gimnasia de Jujuy (white & sky blue stripes)
Arsenal (sky blue, red sash) vs. Vélez (green, red & white stripes, white ‘V’)
Argentinos (blue) vs. Huracán (white)

River Plate vs. Boca Juniors highlights:

(This video of TyCSports’ highlights package gets to the match after about a minute and starts off at a slightly rubbish low angle, but switches to a proper view after another minute or so.)

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