Home at last?

Huracán could be the recipients of some long-awaited good news before long. The inspectors of the Chief of Government’s Mass Events department (the ‘Government’ in question being that of the City of Buenos Aires) have finished their inspection of Huracán’s Estadio Tomás A. Ducó, and will be reporting back their findings on Friday. Club president Carlos Babington has seen the report, though, and he’s optimistic that it means one of the country’s most popular ‘cult’ clubs will be back in their rightful home soon, after sharing with Argentinos Juniors lately.

The fans are already hoping that the stadium will be given the go ahead to re-open (with reduced capacity) in time for the home match against Estudiantes de La Plata on the 1st November –  a match that coincides with Huracán’s centenary. Inspectors having approved the work that’s been done on the stands, and on the entrances and exits, during the period of the stadium’s closure. Babington told the press on Thursday; ‘We’ve missed nothing out from what we were told to do to improve the stadium… We trust that now the judge will understand that the stadium is OK and will sign the mandate [to re-open it].’ For the fans and the club itself, it’ll be an emotional return home.

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    The ground was closed just over a year ago when the stadium was inspected and one of the columns underneath a stand was found to be cracked. Since then (the 14th round of last year’s Apertura) Huracán have been playing home fixtures elsewhere – nearly all of them in Argentinos’ ground.

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