Party pooping

Huracán won the match against Estudiantes which marked the 100th anniversary of their founding on Saturday, but the big day was tragically overshadowed when three of their fans were shot – probably by members of the barra brava of their local rivals San Lorenzo – as their coach returned to Parque Patricios after the match at Vélez Sársfield’s ground in Liniers. One of those fans, Rodrigo, aged 27, continues in intensive care in a critical condition.

The other two, according to chief guard of the Hospital Penna, Jorge Vilesio have been pronounced ‘out of danger’. One remains in hospital with a bullet wound to his left thigh, whilst the other is being discharged, having taken a bullet to his leg as well. Rodrigo has serious injuries in his left chest, pulmonary system and heart, and is breathing only with the help of a machine.

Investigations haven’t yet started officially, but one of the first questions expected to be posed is why the coach was travelling through an area known to be the base of San Lorenzo’s largest barra section. The police haven’t confirmed that the Boedo club’s supporters are suspected of having carried out the attack, but given its location, the Argentine media are already suggesting that’s what’s happened.

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