Copa Sudamericana 2008: Boca & River out – the goals

River Plate followed Boca Juniors out of the Copa Sudamericana last night to emphatically deny CONMEBOL the all-singing, all-dancing, superclásico semi-final they always seem to wish for in this competition. Leading 2-0 at half time and playing well, Diego Simeone’s team fell to pieces after the break and their Mexican opponents Chivas came back to get a 2-2 draw, and go through the semis after a 4-3 aggregate win. All the goals from that match and from Boca’s loss to Internacional, right here.

Boca Juniors 1 – 2 Internacional de Porto Alegre (1-4 agg.)

Guadalajara 2 – 2 River Plate (4-3 agg.)

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3 thoughts on “Copa Sudamericana 2008: Boca & River out – the goals

  1. As a River fan, what do you think has to be done? An overhaul s obvious – Should Simeone resign immediately, or stick around until the end of the season? Who should stay and who should go?

    Obviously these tactics are not working, but looking at the players themselves I think a defensive overhaul is a must – while the attack shares plenty of blame for this season, if it wasn’t for comedic defending including some of the worst clearing I have ever seen things might not be so grim. As far as the attack goes, I think this game shows why, depending on the management situation, Abreu should probably stick around (At least ahead of the likes of Salcedo)…he made one particularly horrible howler last night, but he also gives the attack direction (The Uruguayan Heskey?)…of course everything depends on the management.

    Still I’d like to hear your take on who should be sacrificed and who should be managing River.

  2. Well, Nolan, one of your questions has just become academic – Diego Simeone is standing down after this weekend.

    As for the rest you’d have to ask a River blogger. I had a conversation with an Argentine Boca fan in a bar in Lisbon a couple of nights ago, and my response when she asked me what River’s problems were isn’t really appropriate for this site (only in part because this is an English language site)…

  3. I agree that the real problems are at the back. Tuzzio wins headers and tackles, is brave, fights for the cause, and all that…but he makes a major mistake almost every game. The outside backs are always galloping forward in the grand attacking tradition, but you have to defend first…And the jury is still out on Ojeda. I like him but he perhaps should have done better with the second goal. He is never going to be Carrizo, but is he going to be as good as Mario Andujar? Augustin Orion? Gaston Cessa? Caranta (when healthy and in form)? Assman? There are better goalkeepers, so if he doesn’t improve soon, he may need to be replaced.

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