This didn’t take long…

It’s happening already. There are rumours, before he’s even managed his first match, that Diego Maradona might stand down as Argentina boss. I mean, honestly. The arguments between Diego and the AFA about who’s the best assistant are still going on, and on Wednesday the media were reporting that the new manager might be considering resigning in protest.

Maradona is still firm in his resolution that Oscar Ruggeri should be his assistant manager, but Julio Grondona at the AFA still wants José Luis Brown and youth director Sergio Batista. All three of these men were team-mates of Maradona in the side that won the 1986 World Cup, but the latter two haven’t met with Maradona’s approval – he’s rumoured to be concerned that they’d covet his own job too highly themselves. On Wednesday evening, Miguel Brindisi and Héctor Enrique (another of the ’86 squad) were also mentioned, but those men are also thought not to please El Diez too much.

Around 8pm, an AFA director was sent urgently to talk with Carlos Bilardo – who since being named as ‘Director of National Teams’ alongside Maradona’s appointment has seemed to act for the most part as the new boss’s pimp – and discuss with him Maradona’s words about quitting if he doesn’t get the assistant he wants. Argentina have a friendly with Scotland this weekend which Maradona is scheduled to fly out for on Friday.  Will he last until then?

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2 thoughts on “This didn’t take long…

  1. I hadn’t heard anything about this… but I don’t watch that much argentine TV anymore…
    I hope for the sake of “La Seleccion” that this is all mediatic rumours and not one inch of truth on this… otherwise the trip to 2010 is going to be a very, and I mean VERY, long one!

  2. I can see both sides of this.

    Obviously, Batista is better qualified to have such a role than Ruggeri, who has a pretty disappointing record as a coach in Argentina, he should have won the title at least once with San Lorenzo with the opportunities he had.

    But I find it extraordinary that the AFA should appoint Diego Maradona, then tell him which assistants he should have! This situation is a joke at a club like Newcastle, for a national side it is unacceptible. If AFA rate Batista so highly, they should have appointed him coach in the first place. And bringing in names like Brindisi sounds like desperation.

    Maradona should be allowed to choose anyone he likes if he is going to make a proper attempt at this job. Ruggeri is probably a bad choice, but he’s the coach’s choice, and should be accepted at this stage if Diego feels he will work better with him.

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