Apertura ’08: Round 15 goals

The goals from the fifteenth round of the 2008 Torneo Apertura are online now, and you can see them right here on the TN Sportblog, as usual. Read on for the running order, for those who don’t know which teams are wearing which shirts.

Running order for TN Show de Goles:
Newell’s (white) vs. San Lorenzo (red & navy stripes)
Boca (navy & gold) vs. Vélez (white, navy ‘V’)
Independiente (red) vs. River (white, red sash)
Gimnasia LP (navy & white) vs. San Martín (T) (red & white stripes)
Gimnasia de Jujuy (navy) vs. Arsenal (red & sky blue)
Huracán (white) vs. Central (navy & yellow stripes)
Lanús (maroon) vs. Banfield (white, green trim & sash)
Racing (sky blue & white stripes) vs. Colón (black & red halves)
Argentinos (red, white sash) vs. Estudiantes (black & grey stripes)
Tigre (blue & red) vs. Godoy Cruz (white)

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6 thoughts on “Apertura ’08: Round 15 goals

  1. Way off topic, but I thought I would report on my latest cabbie futbol conversation. He was a good natured River fan and plays goalie for the taxi driver futbol team. When talking about Boca I ventured that Roman has a “strange personality”. His response was that Riquelme has an alcohol problem “like Ortega”. Well, I doubt if Riquelme has a problem as severe as Ortega’s appears to be, but has anyone ever heard rumors about Roman boozing ? He seems too uptight to be a big drinker to me, but I guess they come in all shapes and sizes.

  2. I would be very surprised if Roman was a big drinker. But I remember once when he took his shirt off after scoring a goal, I realised he’s one of the last footballers who has the kind of physique that most footballers had in the 70s – that weird combination of skinny and flabby. But I put that down more to the fact that football for Roman is more about artistry than athleticism, so my guess is he doesn’t bother with much gym work.

  3. And don’t forget, Johnny, if you believe everything they say to you, then the taxi drivers in Buenos Aires are the most talented forgotten football legends in the world!

    Back in the day, in only one week, I traveled with 3 different taxi drivers who all said they were professional footballers and all of them had to retire because of nasty injuries and all of them were destined to stardom (and played alongside famous stars such as Maradona, Bochini or Alonso).

    One of them even said he played for Racing and when I told him I was a big Racing Club fan and asked him for his surname (which was written in that mandatory sign they have to have with their picture and their license number), he changed subject immediately.

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