That’s how San Lorenzo’s fans are seeing things after their team dropped yet more points on Saturday night. Lanús decided to have one of their good days and completely overran the joint leaders in the Nuevo Gasómetro. Boca can overtake San Lorenzo by winning on Sunday, whilst if Tigre win they’ll be all on their own at the top. There was, however, truly tragic news elsewhere: a fan was killed after a fight between sections of Colón’s barra during their match with Godoy Cruz.

Daniel López, aged 20, had five stab wounds sustained during the fight (which he was joining in with) and died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. His brother, who hasn’t been named, is in hospital in a serious condition. López’s attacker was picked up on the CCTV cameras at the Estadio Brigadier Estanislao López, but wasn’t detained by the police. An investigation has already begun as to why.

The match itself was dull as dishwater, a 0-0 draw which didn’t do much to serve either side’s purposes. I could type out that exact same sentence to describe Friday night’s encounter between Banfield and Huracán. Elsewhere Arsenal and Newell’s drew 1-1 and Racing and Gimnasia La Plata finished with the same scoreline in El Cilindro, whilst Independiente won 2-1 away to Central in spite of being thoroughly second best.

The best match by a distance so far, though, was the last match on Saturday night, in which Lanús visited San Lorenzo. Luis Zubeldía’s young side knew that only a win would serve their purposes if they wanted to keep fighting for the title themselves. Just 12 minutes in Diego Lagos grabbed a goal for the fourth consecutive match to put them 1-0 up and San Lorenzo, in freefall in recent weeks and clinging with increasing desperation to the summit of the table, were rocking. Pablo Barrientos was the only home player exerting any sort of influence, and though he helped Gonzalo Bergessio get an equaliser after 26 minutes, it was only holding off the inevitable.

Lanús were playing a high-speed game and, after the slight of seeing their opponents draw level, just kept pressing forward. Six minutes after Bergessio’s goal, José Sand was put through and finished well, and two minutes before the break Eduardo Salvio made it 3-1 for the Granate. After half-time, San Lorenzo were obliged to come out more, and they did – Barrientos and Diego Rivero missed good chances early on – whilst Lanús were able to switch to a more counter-attacking mentality and soak up the pressure without any real bother. When the referee blew for full time, the crowd booed the home side from the field.

San Lorenzo now have 5 points from their last five matches, and the inevitable will surely happen tomorrow: after remaining just on top for so long, they surely won’t be in 24 hours’ time. The fans who were so angered by this fact have a right to expect more from their players, but in Santa Fe earlier in the evening we were once more given a reminder that some things need to be kept in better perspective in the world of Argentine football.

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2 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. Terrible. It had seemed the violence was down from the Clausura, and now this.

    San Lorenzo, meanwhile, have simply died. Though they are still in with a chance, it looks like they’ll be lucky to pick up a point a game, which is certainly not going to get it done.

  2. It just goes to show that measures such as banning away fans are pointless. It seems quite common for the same club’s Barras to fight amongst themselves, particulary River and in Jujuy. Such a laissez-faire policing attitude is beyond belief.

    The Racing syndrome strikes again, I didn’t see all the game as I couldn’t find a stream that wasn’t carrying Davis Cup, but to concede so late was a return to the bad old days. Was quite thankful of Independiente’s win, in the end.

    I don’t enjoy the matches against Gimnasia, as they are my second favourite Argentinian club and don’t want to see them relegated, but I still wanted Racing to win : (
    It didn’t look too friendly during a bit of aggro surrounding the stretcher trolley, anyone else see that?

    Banfield-Huracan was terrible, but Godoy Cruz’s keeper made some fantastic saves in their match, which made it worth watching.

    But what can I say about Lanus? The passing move leading to Salvio’s goal made it the goal of the week so far, even better than Maxi’s! When they play like that, it’s a joy to watch, and part of me really wants them to win the title again. But it would be harsh on Tigre, so good luck to them tonight, also good luck to Boca, to help us in the promedios by beating the Tucumanos…

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