Would everybody please stop getting shot (or stabbed)?

This week, I’ve written for ESPN Soccernet on the murder of Daniel López in Colón’s stadium during their match against Banfield on Saturday, along with the death, early on Sunday morning, of Rodrigo Silva, the Huracán barra who was shot three-and-a-half weeks ago by members of San Lorenzo’s firm. There’s also a look at the potential for light at the end of the tunnel courtesy of Pablo Alvarez’s novel approach to running a barra brava at Independiente.

‘Daniel was a Colón fan, and was in the Colón end of the stadium. He was a regular at the ground. So, the Anglophone observer, from a world where sport fandom doesn’t tend to carry quite the same dangers, might rightly ask why he was stabbed by a fellow fan of his own team?’

Read it here.

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