The Gonzalo Acro case: where is Spartacus?

I did it. No, honestly. It was all me. Why is nobody listening?!

Barra bravas are the subject of the week in Argentina. The intrigue surrounding the murder of Gonzalo Acro has taken another twist, after a video recorded by one of the suspects, previously still on the run, and released by Olé on their website on Wednesday, arrived in court (though the paper themselves don’t expect it to be permissable as evidence). In the video, Ariel Luna confesses to firing the bullet that killed Acro – and says the Schlenker brothers, Alan and William, currently in jail for masterminding the killing, in fact had nothing to do with it. Not everyone believes him.

The most public voice in opposition to the veracity of Luna’s ‘confession’ is Alberto Acro, Gonzalo’s dad, and the family’s lawyer Aníbal Mathis has put together a plea to the judge not to allow the video as evidence. It’s highly unlikely to be – aside from anything else Luna’s account of events differs substantially in saying that the shot was fired in the heat of an argument, when it’s already been proven in court that the murder was premeditated and in cold blood.

Alan Schlenker’s lawyer, Sebastián Rodríguez, claims the video will ‘demonstrate that the attack was revenge for a previous attack by Acro’s gang on Palermo’s, and that Alan [Schlenker] had nothing to do with it.’ Acro’s father, and probably most of those observing this case, hope that won’t be the case – the suggestion that, as Alberto Acro claims, ‘The Schlenkers have paid [Luna] to say these things and get them off the hook,’ is a powerful one.

Rather more puzzling is how Ariel Luna, who’s still on the run, was able to record this video and send out two copies – one to Olé, one to the Schlenkers’ grandmother – without at any point being detected by the police. Whilst the exact content of his confession is questioned, he has been a suspect on the run for over a year now, after all…

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