Apertura ’08: Round 18 goals

The goals from the penultimate round of the Torneo Apertura 2008 are online now, and you can either click here to watch them on the TN Sportblog, or just open this post to watch them on HEGS thanks to the kind soul who uploaded them to YouTube. You’ll also find the running order of the clip, for those who don’t know which teams played in which colours this weekend.

TN Show de Goles, 2008 Primera Apertura eighteenth round:

Vélez (white, navy ‘V’) vs. Lanús (maroon)
Banfield (white, green sash & trim) vs. Argentinos (blue)
San Martín (T) (white) vs. Newell’s (red & black halves)
River (white, red sash) vs. Godoy Cruz (blue, white pinstripe)
Arsenal (red & sky blue) vs. Huracán (white)
Central (yellow) vs. Tigre (blue & red)
Colón (red & black halves) vs. Estudiantes (red & white stripes)
San Lorenzo (white) vs. Independiente (red)

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