Apertura ’08: Round 18 scores and scorers


Lanús won; Boca drew; Tigre and San Lorenzo were both victorious, and the race for the Torneo Apertura title this year will go to the last weekend, with four teams still involved. River Plate lost in Vélez’s stadium to Godoy Cruz, and are two adrift at the bottom. Get the full lowdown from all the weekend’s matches right here…

Primera División A Torneo Apertura 2008, eighteenth round:
Vélez Sársfield 0 – 2 Lanús (D. Lagos 8; J. Sand 59)
Banfield (F. Ferreyra 84; L. Civelli 89) 2 – 2 Argentinos Juniors (C. Recalde 12; N. Pavlovich 34)
Racing Club 0 – 0 Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy
San Martín de Tucumán (P. De Muner 35; A. Ibáñez 78; R. Leone OFF 68) 2 – 0 Newell’s Old Boys
River Plate (M. Abelairas 61) 1 – 2 Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba (H. Encina 6; L. Caruso 84)
Arsenal Fútbol Club (M. Matos 35) 1 – 0 Huracán
Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata 0 – 0 Boca Juniors (C. Morel Rodríguez OFF 64)
Rosario Central (M. Caraglio 4; E. González 11) 2 – 3 Tigre (C. Luna 29, 41; L. Lázzaro 80)
Colón de Santa Fe 0 – 1 Estudiantes de La Plata (D. Galván 44)
San Lorenzo de Almagro (P. Barrientos 18, 56; S. Solari 20; G. Aguirre 41) 4 – 1 Independiente (L. Núñez 67; L. Ríos OFF 22)

The league tables have all been updated already (after a couple of weeks of not being – sorry about that). As ever, check back on Monday night for all the weekend’s goals.

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3 thoughts on “Apertura ’08: Round 18 scores and scorers

  1. The scary thing for River is the number of chances that ‘Tomba’ had, Figueroa was a big factor, but River seemed totally at a loss how to deal with any of it.

    Caruso took his goal extremely well.

    So now they’ve beaten River *and* Boca convincingly, are these two determined to make life as difficult for Racing as possible? The results of the promoted sides this week were disastrous for us, and for GELP as well. I really thought Newell’s were going to get something in Tucuman when Leone went, what a terrible result for Racing… but Leone missing from the next SM match, hopefully it won’t be too difficult for Lanus.

    As for Godoy Cruz, after winning matches in which I wanted them to be beaten convincingly, what is the betting they lose the one which, from a Racing point of view, it might be handy for them to win? Rosario Central at home, a huge match for both sides already. …

  2. I quote you and then I answer: “are these two determined to make life as difficult for Racing as possible?”

    We are the ones that make our lives difficult. Look no further!

    Well…we and Lunati, perhaps.

    Gimnasia de Jujuy just got themselves their FIRST AWAY POINT in this tournament. We gave two points away very cheaply and those kind of matches are exactly the ones we need to win if we want to stop checking other teams’ results.

  3. Well, the way things are going, I think we’re going to have to rely on San Martin, Godoy Cruz, Jujuy and possibly Huracan (keeping the seemingly overrated and underachieving Cappa in charge) getting hammered every week while we pick up anything we can get in the Clausura with a much weakened squad.

    I’m not looking forward to the results of the elections. I mean, how can anyone with the slightest bit of interest in Racing, remembering what he was like last time, vote for Lalin, yet there seems a depressing inevitability about his winning. Surely the BarraBravas have to consider what is more important – the future of their particular group or the future of Racing.

    I was quite optimistic a few weeks ago with the wins such as in Tucuman, and against San Lorenzo, but it all seems to be going wrong again. I will be very sad to see Maxi’s last game against Nuls on Friday, I hope from somewhere an inspirational character can come, possibly on loan, to bring Racing back to life again in the Clausura.

    On the plus side, Rosario Central also seem happy to shoot themselves in the foot, judging by their ridiculous goals conceded against Tigre, Lazzaro must have wanted to burst out laughing at being presented with such a chance.

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