Apertura ’08: Round 19 fixtures


The Torneo Apertura 2008 ends this weekend, and whatever happens now, it’s been a good one. All of the matches featuring title contenders – and also, for some reason, Independiente vs. Arsenal – are taking place at the same time on Sunday. Friday sees a key relegation clash in Rosario, whilst the meaningless matches are on Saturday. Godoy Cruz and Rosario Central close out the season (playoffs notwithstanding) on Sunday evening, somewhat after the Lord Mayor’s Show. Who’ll be paying that one any attention?

All kick off times are local. Add two hours to get Greenwich Mean Time, apart from the matches in Jujuy and Mendoza, which are a further hour behind (so add three for GMT).

Primera División A Torneo Apertura 2008, nineteenth round:
Newell’s Old Boys vs. Racing Club (Fri, 21:15)
Huracán vs. Vélez Sársfield (Sat, 17:10)
Estudiantes de La Plata vs. River Plate (Sat, 19:40)
Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy vs. Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (Sat, 20:30)
Tigre vs. Banfield (Sun, 17:20)
Boca Juniors vs. Colón de Santa Fe (Sun, 17:20)
Lanús vs. San Martín de Tucumán (Sun, 17:20)

Independiente vs. Arsenal Fútbol Club (Sun, 17:20)
Argentinos Juniors vs. San Lorenzo de Almagro (Sun, 17:20)
Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba vs. Rosario Central (Sun, 18:40)

As mentioned on the ‘Tables’ page, if two or more teams finish level on points at the top of the the table, a playoff will be used to separate them. The matches featuring the contenders are highlighted above in brown. Tigre, Boca and San Lorenzo are all level. If any of those sides wins, and the other two fail to do so, the winning team will be champions. If two or all three of them win, or draw (without the other winning), they’ll play off to decide the title. Lanús are two points back on the others, so if they win and the others all lose, they’ll win the title. More likely, if Lanús win and at least one of the others draw (but none win), they’ll go into the playoffs.

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4 thoughts on “Apertura ’08: Round 19 fixtures

  1. I said in my previous comment that Racing would ruin my Friday night and they did.

    Yet another lackluster tournament for a team that finishes without a win in the last five (and without showing signs of improvement or any resemblance of attractive football or even having a chance to win a game).

    The worst is yet to come. Elections on the 21st. Five lists, only 5000 people able to vote and a horrible smell of fraud all over the place.

    We’ll be lucky to survive after the Clausura

  2. Do you mean lucky to survive in a football sense, or as a club?
    Migliore was awful again… reasonable shot stopper, but can’t get hold of the ball.
    Newell’s got better and better as the match wore on, to think I came home early from a Christmas Party to watch this!!!?!

    In the elections, no-one can be worse than Lalin, surely… if he wins, can his opponents take it to court?

  3. I was meaning survive in the first division. I don’t think we’ll ever disappear as a club or entity or private company or you name it. We’ll always be there.

    Regarding Lalín, Court and other lists…I don’t know what they can do if the bald head wins. Take him to Court on what basis? I mean…we all know he sent us to bankruptcy and he is an Independiente fan but once he’s there and he’s been allowed to present a list in the elections…what is there to be done apart from not voting him?

    If I had a vote, it’d go to the Mesa de Enlace which is a group of people that I know for a fact that have been working tirelessly to bring down Blanquiceleste and organise supporters that want the good for Racing.

    They organised pacific demonstrations, they went to meet Grondona and people from the national government and they are true Racing fans.

    I hope they win…

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