Apertura 2008: The title as it happens

The destination of the 2008 Torneo Apertura title probably won’t be decided today – that would require only one of the top three to win – but those who aren’t able to watch any of the matches can follow it here. I won’t be doing live match reports (if you’re wondering why, you try watching four matches at the same time and describing what’s going on), but open this article, then refresh the page every five minutes or so and you can keep up to date with who’s currently top, and the current scores.

PLAYOFF REQUIRED! Final standings: San Lorenzo, Boca and Tigre on 39 points; Lanús 37

Boca Juniors (L. Figueroa 9, 27; J. R. Riquelme 13) 3 – 2 Colón de Santa Fe (N. Torres 42; L. Valdemarín 53) – FULL TIME

Argentinos Juniors 0 – 1 San Lorenzo de Almagro (G. Bergessio 7) – FULL TIME

Tigre (M. Morel 39) 1 – 0 Banfield – FULL TIME

Lanús (E. Ledesma 85) 1 – 0 San Martín de Tucumán – FULL TIME

At half time, any fears that Argentinos were being paid by San Lorenzo to throw the match seem to be unfounded (if they are trying to lose they should probably stop forcing saves from Agustín Orión), but they’re losing anyway thanks to an early header from Gonzalo Bergessio, who later missed a very good chance, rolling it narrowly past the post.

In La Bombonera, Colón spent the opening forty minute doing a passable impersonation of eleven men who’d first met each other on the coach journey down from Santa Fe, and had only been on the journey to watch their heroes in the navy and gold. Boca led 3-0 after half an hour and were cruising, but Ramón Ramírez got one back shortly before half time from the edge of the box and El Sabalero started to perk up a bit thereafter.

In Victoria Tigre were made to wait but Martín Morel eventually got the goal they needed to join in the party and keep the other two sides sweating. Lanús can’t yet find a way past San Martín, but if any of the other results stay the way they are the break, that won’t make a difference to the title.


A three-way playoff it is, then. Boca hung on and could have had a fourth at the end, with some better finishing. After being made to wait for the result, San Lorenzo and Tigre now know that the playoff will pit them against Boca over three matches. A proper report will follow in a separate article.

27 thoughts on “Apertura 2008: The title as it happens

  1. If this were Sky and they only had 2 channels, they would drop Boca-Colon right now and go to Tigre-Banfield. Instead, I’m having to listen to Tigre’s match on some obscure radio station I found a link to from the Barras Bravas site.

    I also found myself in a chat room when I went onto a straming site called TeleArgentina, full of Boca fans. I typed ‘Gol de Tigre, Rusculleda’ and watched it all kick off for a few seconds. Then I typed ‘Chiste! :)’. A guy called BosteroWilde has just threatened me with death. Does this make me a bad person? ;-)

  2. This is just so surreal. It’s like a final Sunday of the Premiership, and Liverpool and Chelsea are going head to head with Fulham! I’m listening to 1540AM Radio Lider, while watching silent pictures on two JTV screens and it’s just the best way to spend a Sunday night lol

    Vamos Tigre! je je je…

  3. Boca looked a bit shaky in the last seconds, btw. They looked scared stiff in defence *and* on the counter attack, it honestly wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they finished 3-3…

  4. … which contradicts my earlier suggestion that they should leave that match and go to Tigre, lol.

    Anyway, looks like it’s just Sam and me here right now, I feel sorry for anyone who’s not able to watch or listen to this.

  5. Matthew-watching Boca whup up on Colon here in BA. There is constant coverage of the other matches. Boca 3-1 at half. Tigre and SLO up 1-0. Lanus fading.

  6. I can’t quite believe what’s going on now, though. I’m putting this in comments because it doesn’t quite fit in above since I can’t give proper live updates.

    The other three matches have all started the second halves already, several minutes ago. In La Bombonera, Boca are just strolling out for the second half. I don’t for one second think it would be any different for River, of course, but if ever proof were needed of the AFA brown-nosing the ‘biggest’ clubs…

  7. Sam-I think the ref is just giving Colon more time to come up with a plan that will help them win the match. How cynical of you.:) Did you see the ref with his whistle in his mouth near the end of injury time. He was about to whistle the first period dead until Boca sprinted up the field with a chance to score.

    It’s good to be a Bostero.

  8. From a Racing point of view, this is exactly what I worried about when Lanus were scheduled for today.

    Had they played on Saturday, they would have been motivated and probably won by two or three to put the pressure on. As it is, they’ve probably heard the scores from elsewhere and are now thinking about their holidays on the beach or their transfers to Spain and Greece.

    And San Martin will be able to smuggle away a vital point in the relegation battle : (

  9. Did Colon just hit the bar? I can’t keep up with what’s going on, I really want to watch Tigre but can’t find it anywhere. Commentary’s good though.

  10. Palacio has seen very little playing time this year due to a chronic groin problem. Today is one of his few cameo appearences.

  11. Nico Gaitan on for Datolo. At least two, and maybe all three of Boca’s goals intiated by Datolo today. He ate ’em up on the left side.

  12. Yes, Matthew, Colón did hit the crossbar 90 seconds into the second half. Lucas Valdemarín, who scored the one that made it 3-2, missed that and two other decent chances in the second half – if he’d tucked them away we’d be looking at a straight one-off match between Tigre and San Lorenzo now.

    Oh, and Lanús won, by the way, so it’s not all bad news for Racing.

    (I think if Fuertes had scored and done that, it would’ve been the most obvious red card for a celebration in football history…)

  13. And there I was, at my cousin’s (not the same place where I watched Boca-Racing) and we were all watching Independiente! FFS! hahahaha!

    The reason? There’s this guy BOCHINO who is a very good friend of my cousins and he was making his senior debut for the rojos. He had a terrible game, poor guy! He handled the ball to give Arsenal a penalty kick to equalise the game and was shown the yellow card. Then he was one of the culprits of Arsenal’s second goal, together with Assman (Señor Culo! haha!) and another defender.

    We were switching back to the other channels to see what was going on with the rest of the matches but to be honest, I was very entertained by my cousin’s little girl (Milagros, she’s 3 years-old) and I barely followed the action.

    Now they are making a “DRAW” (yeah…right) at the AFA headquarters and we’ll hear from them later tonight.

    I predict a Boca Jrs. v. San Lorenzo on the 23rd.

    But here’s the thing I was thinking…

    They need to make the loser of the first game play the second. Why? So they can have three matches to cash in and avoid the possibility of one team winning the first two matches and rendering the potential December 23rd match completely useless and not necessary.

    I would do that if I was the AFA, anyway.

    TEAM A v. TEAM B this Wednesday.

    TEAM C v. Loser of match 1.

    TEAM C vs. Winner of match 1.

    Guess who I think is the main candidate to become Team C?

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