Apertura ’08: Round 19 goals… um, well, some of them…

The goals from the nineteenth round of the Torneo Apertura aren’t being put on the TN website this week, because they’re going on the assumption that all you want to see is the goals from the matches involving the ‘finalists’. If you’d like to see all the goals, you’ll have to do so right here, where I’ve managed to get the TyC embedded.

Running order for TyCSports’ Show de Goles:
Newell’s (red & black halves) vs. Racing (sky blue & white stripes)
Huracán (blue) vs. Vélez (white, navy ‘V’)
Estudiantes (white) vs. River (sort of grey-ish navy)
Gimnasia de Jujuy (claret & blue) vs. Gimnasia LP (white & navy)
Godoy Cruz (white, navy pinstripe) vs. Central (yellow)
Independiente (white) vs. Arsenal (red & sky blue)
Lanús (maroon) vs. San Martín (white)
Tigre (blue & red) vs. Banfield (white, green sash & trim)
Argentinos (white) vs. San Lorenzo (red & navy stripes)
Boca (navy & gold) vs. Colón (red & black halves)

There will not be an embeddable video for every Show de Goles, principally because putting this one up on Dailymotion was a bit naughty of me and took pigging ages. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

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