Tigre 1 – 2 San Lorenzo: the goals

The goals from the first title playoff match between San Lorenzo and Tigre at Vélez’s stadium are online now. Here they are.

Tigre 1 – 2 San Lorenzo de Almagro, Torneo Apertura 2008 playoff first match:

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6 thoughts on “Tigre 1 – 2 San Lorenzo: the goals

  1. I ended up watching. Couldn’t helped it and there was nothing better to watch or do at that time.

    Barrientos was immense. Bergessio? I don’t understand why he is still in Argentina. I mean…what the hell is wrong with people at Benfica??? How didn’t he get a chance while he was there?? It’s beyond me.

    But also Aguirre at the back was superb. San Lorenzo had a few moments of plain brilliance in the first half and Solari was also a very important piece for them. They should have scored a couple more and if it wasn’t for the horrible Laverni they would have had the chance to score from two penalty kicks (foul by Islas on Bergessio in the first half and then Islas again with that stupid agression on Barrientos while the ball was still in play).

    I guess Laverni didn’t want to give none of the teams such a comfortable goal difference, but San Lorenzo deserved at least one more goal (I remember they hit the bar in the first half too!).

    In that first half I thought to myself: “This match is being played just as history suggests. San Lorenzo are part of the Big 5 and that’s for something. They took the match by the horns and went for it, while Tigre were there to see what they could do. Like they would be just as happy to be remembered as the small club that made it to a playoffs with Boca and San Lorenzo”.

  2. One more thing…I heard a ridiculous rumour and apparently it has been making the rounds for a while now.

    There is a version suggesting that one Boca player (I’ll keep his name as a secret at the moment) has tested positive in a doping control.

    I was discussing this with a few friends who are journalists and one of them said there is no chance in hell Boca will be champions and it is because of this possible and unconfirmed doping case.

    I said that’s non-sense. I told him…”If there were 4 or 5 players involved then you could be right because the team would probably suffer a point deduction. If it’s true and it’s only one player then the player gets suspended and that’s it. End of story. Boca can perfectly be champions and I can’t see a reason why they couldn’t”.

    Just thought I’d share this rumour with you.

  3. Hey Seba-you chismoso you-who is it !:) I’m confused, when you speak of doping, what does that mean exactly ? Illicit drugs, such as pot and coke, or performance enhancing drugs like steriods ? Maybe this info accounts for the strange “departure” of Caranta, but I guess not, as he was recently back on the bench.

  4. I also want to point out that I don’t believe the rumour and I’m just writing to add a little fuel to the conversation and see what people think or have to say about it.

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