New year transfer action

River Plate have a new centre back
River Plate have a new centre back

Ins and outs for the two giants of Argentine football: champions Boca Juniors appear to have lost Neri Cardozo against their wishes, whilst new River Plate manager Néstor Gorosito is on the verge of making his first signing, Colombian centre back Humberto Mendoza. Independiente have some good news: Daniel Montenegro isn’t going anywhere.

Cardozo has apparently walked out on Boca on Sunday after finally growing tired of the lack of starting action he got under Carlos Ischia’s managership. His contract was due to expire at the end of the Clausura, but he’s already agreed a deal with Mexican club Jaguares de Chiapas against the directors’ wishes (aged only 22, he can’t yet buy out the remainder of his contract under FIFA regulations). Since they won’t otherwise get a single peso for the player who scored a crucial goal in the 2007 Club World Cup semi-final, Boca will now take the player and his new club to a tribunal to settle a compensation fee.

Happier news for River, who have all but secured the signature of 24-year-old Mendoza (pictured) from Atlético Nacional, with whom he won three Colombian titles in a four year spell after joining from his hometown club, Atlético Bucaramanga. Personal terms had already been agreed but an accord now seems to have been struck regarding the status of the player’s registration too. Nacional had wanted to sell him outright, but instead River will take him on loan for one year with an option to buy. The news is a fillip for Gorosito, who’ll be taking charge of his first training session on Monday.

Independiente’s return to training, meanwhile, will be brightened by the news that a key member of their attacking setup, Daniel Montenegro, is staying put. Rolfi had been widely expected to leave, and the club had already lined up Mario Bolatti as his replacement. For his part, Bolatti, who’s not getting a look-in at Portuguese champions Porto, has confirmed he still wants to return to Argentina to revitalise his career.

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7 thoughts on “New year transfer action

  1. Sam-thanks for the update on Neri Cardozo. I don’t see how Boca thought they could keep him. He has fallen farther down the bench as time has gone on. He has got to be frustrated. Just two years, or so, ago, I remember seeing him play in a friendly between Argentina and Chile in Mendoza. A steep fall from grace since then, and he probably owed his inclusion on that squad to granddaddy Coco.

  2. Does anyone know anything about Mendoza? It’s good to see River’s critical weaknesses at the back addressed, but only if the players coming in are better than the ones from last term.

    In my own opinion, Tevez will sign with United.

  3. Hard to say Johnny. I hope we keep him, because when he’s played this season (which hasn’t been frequently enough) he’s offered at least as much as Berbatov has done, not that I think Berba will prove – in the future – to have been a bad signing for us.

    Ultimately though, one thing I think will decide it: the loan deal we’ve got Tevez with Joorabchian apparently includes an agreed transfer fee that was agreed upon when Tevez first started playing for us. Given what’s happened in the world financially at the moment, and the fact that Madrid (the only club who could be guaranteed to think ‘bollocks to sensible finance, we’ll bid £300 million for him’) have signed Huntelaar, I think we’ll probably get him permanently. But we’re going a funny way about showing him we’d like to, at the moment…

  4. You never know, if Hughes leaves in the next day or so and ADUG get in a proper manager with higher sights than Craig Bellamy, Joorabchian’s apparent links with ADUG could sort out a surprise move across town ;-)

    More likely though, Hughes will bid 20 million plus Robinho for Stephen Warnock…

  5. BTW, what’s with all these ancient threads suddenly attracting comments like ‘Te5qu99L’?

    I nearly had heart failure when I hovered my mouse to see someone had just commented on a post about Llop saying ‘adios!’, before I read it was a post from a year ago about him leaving Banfield.

  6. Don’t say things like that, Matthew. That’s horrible.

    Those random character posts are confusing me, too. Normally, ‘spam robots’ make posts like that on blogs, the idea being that readers will click on the link in the poster’s name to visit the site being ‘advertised’. The few that have popped up on here in the last few days haven’t had links anywhere in them, though (hence their getting through the spam filter), so I can’t see what the advantage is for whoever’s programming them to post. I’ll have a look and see if there’s a way I can make the spam filter block them as well.

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