Primera A Torneo Clausura 2009: the fixtures in full

The full fixtures for the Primera División A Torneo Clausura 2009 were released by the AFA  a little while ago, and now I’ve got a weekend when (relatively) little is happening to write about on HEGS, here’s the full fixture list for the season.

Primera División A Torneo Clausura 2009:

Round 1 (8th Feb)
Club Atlético Huracán vs Club Atlético San Martín de Tucumán
Club Atlético Lanús vs Racing Club
Club Atlético Newell’s Old Boys vs Club Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata
Club Atlético Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy vs Club Atlético Boca Juniors
Club Atlético River Plate vs Club Atlético Colón
Club Estudiantes de La Plata vs Club Atlético Rosario Central
Club Deportivo Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba vs Club Atlético Banfield
Club Atlético Tigre vs Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro
Asociación Atlética Argentinos Juniors vs Arsenal Fútbol Club
Club Atlético Independiente vs Club Atlético Vélez Sársfield

Round 2 (15th Feb)
Arsenal vs Tigre
San Lorenzo vs Godoy Cruz
Banfield vs Estudiantes
Rosario Central vs River
Colón vs Gimnasia de Jujuy
Boca vs Newell’s
Gimnasia LP vs Lanús
Racing vs Huracán
San Martín vs Independiente
Vélez Sársfield vs Argentinos

Round 3 (22nd Feb)
Argentinos vs San Martín
Independiente vs Racing
Huracán vs Gimnasia LP
Lanús vs Boca
Newell’s vs Gimnasia de Jujuy
Colón vs Rosario Central
River vs Banfield
Estudiantes vs San Lorenzo
Godoy Cruz vs Arsenal
Tigre vs Vélez

Round 4 (1st March)
San Martín vs Tigre
Vélez vs Godoy Cruz
Arsenal vs Estudiantes
San Lorenzo vs River
Newell’s vs Colón
Banfield vs Rosario Central
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs Lanús
Boca vs Huracán
Gimnasia LP vs Independiente
Racing vs Argentinos

Round 5 (8th March)
Godoy Cruz vs San Martín
Tigre vs Racing
Argentinos vs Gimnasia LP
Independiente vs Boca
Huracán vs Gimnasia de Jujuy
Lanús vs Newell’s
Colón vs Banfield
Rosario Central vs San Lorenzo
River vs Arsenal
Estudiantes vs Vélez

Round 6 (15th March)
Gimnasia LP vs Tigre
Racing vs Godoy Cruz
San Martín vs Estudiantes
Vélez vs River
Lanús vs Colón
Arsenal vs Rosario Central
San Lorenzo vs Banfield
Newell’s vs Huracán
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs Independiente
Boca vs Argentinos

Round 7 (22nd March)
River vs San Martín
Estudiantes vs Racing
Godoy Cruz vs Gimnasia LP
Tigre vs Boca
Argentinos vs Gimnasia de Jujuy
Independiente vs Newell’s
Huracán vs Lanús
Colón vs San Lorenzo
Banfield vs Arsenal
Rosario Central vs Vélez

Round 8 (5th April)
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs Tigre
Boca vs Godoy Cruz
Gimnasia LP vs Estudiantes
Racing vs River
Huracán vs Colón
San Martín vs Rosario Central
Vélez vs Banfield
Arsenal vs San Lorenzo
Lanús vs Independiente
Newell’s vs Argentinos

Round 9 (12th April)
Banfield vs San Martín
Rosario Central vs Racing
River vs Gimnasia LP
Estudiantes vs Boca
Godoy Cruz vs Gimnasia de Jujuy
Tigre vs Newell’s
Argentinos vs Lanús
Independiente vs Huracán
Colón vs Arsenal
San Lorenzo vs Vélez

Round 10 (19th April)
Lanús vs Tigre
Newell’s vs Godoy Cruz
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs Estudiantes
Boca vs. River
Independiente vs Colón
Gimnasia LP vs Rosario Central
Racing vs Banfield
San Martín vs San Lorenzo
Vélez vs Arsenal
Huracán vs Argentinos

Round 11 (26th April)
Arsenal vs San Martín
San Lorenzo vs Racing
Banfield vs Gimnasia LP
Rosario Central vs Boca
River vs Gimnasia de Jujuy
Estudiantes vs Newell’s
Godoy Cruz vs Lanús
Tigre vs Huracán
Argentinos vs Independiente
Colón vs Vélez

Round 12 (3rd May)
Independiente vs Tigre
Huracán vs Godoy Cruz
Lanús vs Estudiantes
Newell’s vs River
Argentinos vs Colón
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs Rosario Central
Boca vs Banfield
Gimnasia LP vs San Lorenzo
Racing vs Arsenal
San Martín vs Vélez

Round 13 (10th May)
Colón vs San Martín
Vélez vs Racing
Arsenal vs Gimnasia LP
San Lorenzo vs Boca
Banfield vs Gimnasia de Jujuy
Rosario Central vs Newell’s
River vs Lanús
Estudiantes vs Huracán
Godoy Cruz vs Independiente
Tigre vs Argentinos

Round 14 (17th May)
Racing vs San Martín
Argentinos vs Godoy Cruz
Independiente vs Estudiantes
Huracán vs River
Tigre vs. Colón
Lanús vs Rosario Central
Newell’s vs Banfield
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs San Lorenzo
Boca vs Arsenal
Gimnasia LP vs Vélez

Round 15 (24th May)
Godoy Cruz vs Tigre
Colón vs Racing
San Martín vs Gimnasia LP
Vélez vs Boca
Arsenal vs Gimnasia de Jujuy
San Lorenzo vs Newell’s
Banfield vs Lanús
Rosario Central vs Huracán
River vs Independiente
Estudiantes vs Argentinos

Round 16 (31st May)
Boca vs San Martín
Gimnasia LP vs Racing
Tigre vs Estudiantes
Argentinos vs River
Godoy Cruz vs Colón
Independiente vs Rosario Central
Huracán vs Banfield
Lanús vs San Lorenzo
Newell’s vs Arsenal
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs Vélez

Round 17 (14th June)
River vs Tigre
Estudiantes vs Godoy Cruz
Colón vs Gimnasia LP
Racing vs Boca
San Martín vs Gimnasia de Jujuy
Vélez vs Newell’s
Arsenal vs Lanús
San Lorenzo vs Huracán
Banfield vs Independiente
Rosario Central vs Argentinos

Round 18 (21st June)
Newell’s vs San Martín
Gimnasia de Jujuy vs Racing
Boca vs Gimnasia LP
Godoy Cruz vs River
Estudiantes vs Colón
Tigre vs Rosario Central
Argentinos vs Banfield
Independiente vs San Lorenzo
Huracán vs Arsenal
Lanús vs Vélez

Round 19
Banfield vs Tigre
Rosario Central vs Godoy Cruz
River vs Estudiantes
Colón vs Boca
Gimnasia LP vs Gimnasia de Jujuy
Racing vs Newell’s
San Martín vs Lanús
Vélez vs Huracán
Arsenal vs Independiente
San Lorenzo vs Argentinos

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9 thoughts on “Primera A Torneo Clausura 2009: the fixtures in full

  1. Hi
    In Argentina football federation’s website it says Boca River game will be in 12th of April, can you confirm pls?
    I will be attending the game, dont wanna make a mistake

  2. Gino, can you send me a link (to the email address on the ‘About’ page, or in a comment here – it won’t show on the site but I’ll see it myself) to the page you’ve got on the AFA site saying the match is on the 12th? As you can see above, when I typed this article up the super was scheduled for the 19th, and as far as I can see on, that hasn’t been changed.

  3. Hi – I will be in Buenos Aires on 22 Feb and am thinking about going to the River v Banfield game. Can you advise how to get tickets please? Thx.

  4. hi – my hotel says all games til march are played at Mar del Plata and Mendoza and there are no games in Buenos Aires. is this correct?

  5. Bill – around AR$20 – 30 will be the cost. And your hotel are wrong, league games aren’t played at neutral venues (well, except Independiente’s games of course). Torneo de Verano games are being played at the moment (like tonight’s River vs Boca for instance), and the league fixtures begin in early February – the dates on this page are the correct ones.

    So in BA in 2 weeks’ time, you’ll have a choice of one or even all of:
    Huracán v San Martín
    Lanús v Racing
    River v Colón
    Argentinos v Arsenal
    Independiente v Vélez
    or if you fancy a little toy-train trip half an hour to the north, the Tigre game as well.

    All those matches will be played at the home team’s stadium apart from Independiente v Vélez, which (it seems at the moment) will be at Huracán’s ground. For kick off times you can check the AFA site, and they’ll go online here at HEGS at midday UK time (10am in BA) on the Friday of that same weekend.

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