Maxi Mor-Vélez

Well well. We’ve been told he’s staying with Racing, and the pessimistic presumed he’d be on his way back to Russia. On Monday it was revealed that Maximiliano Moralez is avoiding a return flight to Moscow, where he was never really happy in the six months he spent with FC Moscow, by taking a rather shorter trip. He’s still leaving Racing – but he’s only going as far as Liniers, where he’ll sign a contract with Vélez Sársfield.

Moralez’s registration has been bought from FC Moscow by a football agency group who then agreed a deal with Vélez whereby the Liniers club have bought 50% of the player’s registration. Maxi told the press that the only reason he’d left Racing was that, ‘I wasn’t a priority for [manager Juan Manuel] Llop.’ That seemed a bizarre comment to make when the player – who’s never come across as being particularly big-headed – must surely realise he was Racing’s best player.

What Llop had actually said was that, ‘two target men are as much a priority for us as [keeping] Maxi,’ and after the player’s impending exit hit the news channels the boss explained that, ‘Maxi didn’t come to Racing due to the economics… I always said that we needed strikers. Maxi was never even close, at least from what I was being told.’

Speculation about Moralez’s replacement at Racing was given some direction by Llop, who also told the media: ‘[Boca Juniors] offered us [Leandro] Gracián, but he’d be a player just for the next six months. We’re looking for future potential up front.’ New president Rodolfo Molina’s reign is off to a shaky start, with Independiente’s 4-0 victory in Saturday’s clásico adding to dressing room unrest at Racing. At least now, though, the bad news is only on the pitch…

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2 thoughts on “Maxi Mor-Vélez

  1. Sam–

    News of a reprieve from the gulag or Maxi adds a shred of hope to the belief there may be justice somewhere in the footie universe (though we just don’t know it yet).


  2. The way I see it is very much like Maxi suggested. Llop didn’t want him. The player said many times he wanted to stay at Racing. Apparently Maradona told him he would be considered if he played regularly at a high level. The best chance for Maxi to do that was to stay in Argentina.

    Now…if the player is saying he wants to stay. If he clearly was the best player in the last tournament and the one with most potential, if the financial side of the deal can always be worked out…then why isn’t he staying?

    Because Llop doesn’t want him. I saw him on TV yesterday and everytime he was asked about it, his answers were short and empty. The look in his eye suggested there was something behind the scenes.

    Llop doesn’t like Maxi (off the pitch) and doesn’t like Gullota, but I don’t think he’ll ever admit it.

    The question for Racing is: Who’s giving us (or has the potential to give us) the better results? Llop or Maxi?

    That’s a very easy question to answer. The little one has left a big vacancy that’s going to be VERY HARD to fill up.

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