Boca’s kids beat Independiente

The latest Torneo de Verano match was up in Argentina’s Andean northwest, and the Salta crowd saw a Boca reserve side take on an Independiente team still struggling to regain the cohesion of the 4-0 win over Racing in the summer’s first match. Boca won 2-0.

Carlos Ischia was keeping back Boca’s first string for the year’s first superclásico on Saturday, and put out a young team who were clearly hungry to prove themselves to the boss. Leandro Gracián and Pablo Mouche made sure Boca had the better of the play throughout, and unlike the match against San Lorenzo a few days ago, they made their superiority tell.

Just two minutes in Boca took the lead with Leandro Gracián combining well with Mouche, the latter steering the ball past Fabián Assman in the Rojo goal. That was practically the announcement that the match was finished as a contest. On 42 minutes, after seeing a number of his team-mates already waste chances from outside the box, left back Juan Krupoviesa advanced with the ball and sent a thunderous left-footer into the corner of the net to make it 2-0.

In the second half, Boca slowed things down but still completely controlled the game, and had their opponents right where they wanted them. Daniel Montenegro was looking off-colour for Independiente, and with his lack of form, Independiente were short of inspiration. A comfortable win for Boca, whose first-choice eleven, surely, will take over duties on Saturday…

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