Independiente move grounds again

A new home for El Rojo
A new home for El Rojo

Thrown out by Racing’s new president of the indignity of a groundshare with their fiercest local rivals, and finding that the new-look Doble Visera won’t be ready for the Clausura after all, Independiente are entering into a new groundshare agreement. Appropriately, it’s with another club who’ve only just returned home themselves – and need improvement work done.

Having just moved back to the Tomás A. Ducó, Huracán know how it feels to have to play every match away, and their outspoken president Carlos Babington jumped at the chance for a little help with the ongoing development of the stadium. Before the Parque Patricios side can open the Miravé stand, running alongside the pitch, they need to install 4,000 bucket seats.

Independiente president Julio Comparada has been quoted a fee of US$120,000 by new Racing president Rodolfo Molina for use of El Cilindro for the Clausura, but Babington has been in touch to inform him that Independiente are free to use Huracán’s ground, also known as El Palacio, if he’ll cover the cost of installing those seats.

‘They’re studying the offer and we’re waiting for their answer. It’s a good possibility,’ Babington told Clarín’s website. ‘We’ve already had the go-ahead from [security authority] CoProSeDe and the proposal is interesting to them [the Independiente board].’

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