Ledesma left at home, and Newell’s right of admission

Diego Maradona’s not pleased with the AFA, after revealing that the reason for his not calling up Juan Román Riquelme and Sebastián Battaglia was that the governing body insisted Boca Juniors play on Sunday rather than Saturday, even though the date of the France friendly has been fixed for months. He has therefore decided to leave Cristian Ledesma at home as well, so as not to affect San Lorenzo adversely. The other domestic league players will still travel though.

‘The subject of Riquelme and Battaglia is an odd one because the match with France was all arranged a very long time ago, we had all the journeys sorted out as well, and now they’ve put the Boca match at 7pm on Sunday [after the squad fly to Marseilles],’ Maradona told the press, clearly not afraid of upsetting his new employers further after the business of trying to secure assistant managers the AFA didn’t want him to have. Never an underspoken man, our Diego.

In Rosario, meanwhile, the revolution at Newell’s gathers apace in spite of the systematic intimidation from outside the club. The decision to use a list of ‘rights of admission’ at El Coloso del Parque has been taken – for the first time in Newell’s history, a list will be given to the security authorities prior to Saturday’s match with Gimnasia La Plata, and barra bravas whose names appear on it won’t be allowed into the match. After 14 years of running free and unfettered under Eduardo López, it’s a tough wakeup call for the hooligans.

Around twenty barras are on the list, at the top of which appear the names of Roberto Caminos and his two brothers, the capos of the gang. President Guillermo Llorente is showing a strong hand to demonstrate to Newell’s fans that he’s on their side. Here’s hoping his stance remains solid.

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10 thoughts on “Ledesma left at home, and Newell’s right of admission

  1. Three cheers for Diego for targeting the way too close relationship between the AFA and TYC. It wouldn’t hurt Boca to play a match on Saturday, or even Friday, now and then. This idea that they absolutely must play only on Sunday is asinine.

  2. Breaking news: ORTEGA, GALLARDO and FABBIANI will all join River Plate.

    Is this good news?

    It has to be for River fans, only if they are match-fit and ready to work harder than ever.

    It will be interesting to see.

  3. With my River-supporting hat on, Seba, I’m pleased to have Ortega and Gallardo back (for all the flak I gave El Burrito towards the end of his last spell in Núñez). Fabbiani I’ll need convincing on – it’s a long time since River signed a forward who was totally new to the club and was an unqualified success.

  4. Hi Sam. It’s been a long time since I posted here. I’ve been crazy busy (but good busy, so there are no complaints).

    What I think about Fabbiani is that River needed a player like him for a long time now. This is a guy who has already become an idol for River fans, it doesn’t matter he never kicked a ball for them. This is a guy who went public with his desire to play for his beloved club and did all he could to secure a move to Nuñez.

    River fans are boozing and really happy with this signing (it’s been the summer’s soap opera in Argentina. Will Fabbiani join River? Will he stay at Newell’s? Will he move to Velez?). Just when Velez were ready to announce his signing at a press conference, Fabbiani said no to a medical when he was just outside the clinic where he had to do it.

    He said he would rather spend 6 months training on his own, if that was what it’d take to then sign for River. Apparently his agent called him because he got a ring from River with a new offer.

    So now…River fans are hoping Fabbiani could provide their team with the Guillermo-Barros-Schelotto factor, although I’m not so sure his style is a match for River fans’ taste.

    This is a guy who will tease the opponents, get into arguments with opposing fans and disrupt matches. Far from the class shown by River greats (I think of Francescoli or Alonso).

    We’ll see how it goes. One thing is for sure…it won’t be dull to watch River in this upcoming Clausura. And with Gallardo and Abbondanzieri back, I might just watch the next Superclásico (just might).

  5. I think Fabbiani has the mindset and swagger to succeed where recent forwards have failed for River. Ortega is Ortega, if he is physically capable he will produce. Gallardo is the question mark for me – he broke down physically after just a few weeks in MLS and looked a shadow of the player he once was.

    It’s three players of questionable fitness but decided skill, who should drag River out of the mire and at least back into the top 5 or so. I think they are still too fragile at the back and in goal to compete for either the Clausura or Libertadores.

  6. And, in addition to all that, Goal.com is reporting that Mauricio Caranta might possibly head over to River. I find that hard to believe, but you never know.

  7. Ortega back at River? Is that definite? Last thing I heard, he was going to Peru or something … I’d love to see him back at River, though.

  8. Take it for what it is worth, but the latest reason I heard for the Caranta versus Ischia battle to the death, was that Caranta apparently had a romantic involvement with one of Ischia’s daughters. Unlikely ? Who knows ? But, it would explain this very out of character, vengeful mentality seen in Ischia throughout the affair.

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