Clausura ’09: Round 1 goals

The goals from the first round of matches in the 2009 Torneo Clausura are online now. I already have the impression that judging this term’s goal of the campaign is going to be a tall order – there were twenty-three scored and practically all of them are brilliant. As ever you can watch them on the TN Sportblog – just click here. If you don’t know which teams play in which colours, you’ll be wanting a list of the order the matches appear in this clip. Right this way…

Running order for TN Show de Goles:
Gimnasia de Jujuy (sky blue & white stripes) vs Boca (navy & gold)
River (white, red sash) vs Colón (red & black halves)
Lanús (maroon) vs Racing (sky blue & white stripes)
Tigre (yellow with… RED SOCKS?!) vs San Lorenzo (navy & red stripes)
Newell’s (red & black halves) vs Gimnasia LP (white & navy)
Godoy Cruz (blue, white pinstripe) vs Banfield (green & white stripes)
Huracán (blue) vs San Martín (T) (red & white stripes)
Argentinos (red, white sash) vs Arsenal (sky blue, red sash)

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4 thoughts on “Clausura ’09: Round 1 goals

  1. Sam,

    Couldn’t agree more about the brilliant quality of the goals and the difficulty of picking a winner: most weeks one might happily settle for any among: Luguercio; Sand (his second); Formica; Armani; Yacuzzi; Capurro; Prediguer. But for me the winner would be: Noir, for the typical (seemingly!) nonchalant genius of Roman’s blinding taquito in the buildup.

    Great augury for the season to come!

  2. By the way, Roman looked well rested yesterday and for the first time since I can remember when, he didn’t look sluggish or like he was laboring.

    Boca did look a little disorganized on offense at times yesterday, and they are going to have to adjust to not having so much of their attack go through Datolo on the left side. At times Ibarra and Pato looked like they were ready for admission to an old folks home.

  3. You’re right of course Johnny, just couldn’t take my eyes off that backheel by Roman–the scorer could just as well have been Dean Windass in a blue shirt.

    (Wellll… stretching the shirt a bit but… never mind.)

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