River finally win

It was only Néstor Gorosito’s second competitive match in charge of River Plate, but their first win of 2009 already seems like it’s been a long time coming, following the disappointments of the Torneo de Verano. On Thursday night, in their first Copa Libertadores group game against Paraguayans Nacional, they were disappointing again, but Diego Buonanotte won it for them with almost the last kick.

River started the stronger of the two sides, with Gustavo Fernández given his debut up fron. The hosts dominated possession in the first half but with each chance that went begging, they lost a little confidence, and gradually Nacional began to come into it, and Juan Ojeda had to make a couple of stops before the break arrived.

In the second half Gorosito made changes designed to help River make the breakthrough that had eluded them in the first. Robert Flores, the young Uruguayan on loan from Villarreal, replaced Matías Abelairas at the break, whilst just before the hour one debutant was withdrawn for another – Fernández jogging to the sidelines to allow Cristian Fabbiani, finally arrived from Newell’s, to take his bow.

After Fabbiani’s introduction River’s defence fell victim to the temptation to simply launch long balls his way, and the home side created very little in the way of chances on goal. With eight minutes to go, Argentine striker Hébert Arriola could have made things really embarrassing for River, but ran out of space after rounding Ojeda. And then at last, the goal arrived for River.

There was plenty wrong with it – Cristian Fabbiani knocked down a high ball from Mauro Rosales using his left arm before turning and shooting – that was saved by Ignacio Don, another Argentine in the Paraguayan goal, but Buonanotte, who’d been offside when Fabbiani’s initial shot was taken, was on hand to stab it over the line. At last, Gorosito has a win. It wasn’t pretty, but the fans will be hoping it’s something to build on.

Unfortunately, AOL have decided to mess around with their servers tonight, meaning I wasn’t able to get online until nearly 2am and now I have managed it, a lot of websites aren’t viewable. This includes video-hosting sites, so I can’t yet post vids of any of the Copa goals so far – either from last night or from tonight. Assuming the server issues are fixed tomorrow night, I’ll get them up then.

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7 thoughts on “River finally win

  1. I mean…you had it right. It was hand-ball by Fabbiani and Buonanotte was offside…but come on!!!! That NEVER happens to favour any team other than Boca-River or the one that’s facing Racing! ;)

    But what really horrified me was what Gorosito said after the match. He was asked: “How do you feel by winning a game with a goal that would have never been allowed for the other teams you used to manage?” (OK, it was a shitty question and one that was always going to bring up controversy).

    Gorosito: “OK, don’t forget we’re not getting any refereeing favours in the domestic league”.

    And he said it with a tone that implied that River SHOULD get the help from referees. Like if they don’t, it’s just wrong.

    What a horrible message to send!

  2. No complaints this time with the ref. Racing were horrible at the back.

    Again…1-0 up within the first 10 minutes and we couldn’t held on to the win.

    Depressing really. 4-1 and Huracán could have won by a larger margin.

    Up comes Independiente…dark days for us ahead…STILL!

  3. Ok, I’ve got the idea. I propose a reality TV show that follows Seba around starting about Thursday every week. It will focus on his living, eating and breathing Racing football. And, for hilarious comedy, his huge mood swings depending on Racing’s fortunes on the weekend. Seba, elated and singing Racing fight songs while running down the street; Seba, depressed, sullen and won’t come out of his room; Seba, angry and on the phone to Grondona, threatening to string him up if one more call this year goes against Racing. Interviews with Seba’s family, who love him dearly but worry about his obsession. Seba’s long suffering wife losing it and trying to run over him with the car while screaming F**k Racing !

    You get the idea.:)

  4. The story of my life, mate! hahaha! Almost, but close enough! haha!

    Now that I think about it…I’m 31 one, but when I was 17-18, what Johnny said was exactly what happened more often than not!

    F**k Racing! I love you Racing!

  5. Aw Seba, Racing had some great players when you were 17-18, why would you need to shout F**k Racing?!!

    Mago Capria, Tete Quiroz, the first coming of Piojo Lopez, Michelini, Delgado, they were great days to watch Racing, not like some of the rubbish we endure today!

    6-4 in La Bombonera, absolutely fantastic, I still have the video (now transferred to DVD) in my collection.

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