Clausura ’09: Round 3 goals

The goals from the third round of matches in the Torneo Clausura 2009 are online now, and you can watch them on the TN Sportblog by clicking here. If you want the running order of this video, or a link to the TN video of this week’s goals from the lower divisions, read on…

Running order for TN Show de Goles:
Newell’s (red & black halves) vs Gimnasia de Jujuy (sky blue & white stripes)
Huracán (blue) vs Gimnasia LP (white & navy)
Independiente (red) vs Racing (sky blue & white stripes)
Colón (red & black halves) vs Central (blue & yellow stripes)
Godoy Cruz (navy, white pinstripe) vs Arsenal (sky blue, red sash)
Tigre (blue & red) vs Vélez (white, navy ‘V’)
Argentinos (red) vs San Martín (T) (white)
River (black, red sash) vs Banfield (green & white stripes)
Lanús (maroon) vs Boca (navy & gold)
Estudiantes (red & white stripes) vs San Lorenzo (red & navy stripes)

For the goals from the lower divisions, click here. And just as an added extra, if you understand Spanish well enough to understand what Diego Maradona is saying when he speaks, and want to hear what he had to say about the birth of his first grandson Benjamín (son of Sergio Agüero), have a look at this video.

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4 thoughts on “Clausura ’09: Round 3 goals

  1. Caruso Lombardi new Racing Club manager!

    Now it gets interesting! Will he deliver under a level of pressure he has never experienced?

    What he will surely do is raise the media awareness on Racing and I believe he can take some pressure out of his players by absorbing it 100%.

    I’m not entirely happy as I like managers who play offensive and attractive football, but I have to admit this is not the best time for us to try that kind of game. We need a manager who can keep it tight at the back and help us grind out some vital results as fast as we can.

    What I can assure you is that I’m relieved we are not getting Ubeda or Capria or Falcioni.

    Matt, what’s your take on this?

  2. I agree with you about the ex-players not becoming DT. Mago Capria was an all-time great, I loved watching him play… but we all loved Costas and Quiroz too, and they were disasters. Also Ubeda was pretty poor at Huracan, they would be fighting relegation with us if he had stayed.

    As for Caruso Lombardi, icho4life says he only has experience of success at a lower level, but he was cut off in his prime at both Argentinos and Nuls, before we really had a chance to see what he could do, other than beat Boca!

    As for attacking football, looking at Racing’s recent history, you wouldn’t want another coach like Ardiles, he has high principles, but always runs into the sand.

    C-L is in a very similar situation to Merlo when he took over. ‘Mostaza’ had to save the club from relegation in Clausura, created a team and went on to win the next Apertura – and he did it with a siege mentality, grinding out results in matches we didn’t deserve to win sometimes, but he’s still a hero (second spell notwithstanding).

    Not saying we will win Apertura 2009 (if there is one!) but I think he can tighten things up, though Godoy Cruz’s good form is one thing I didn’t expect when I predicted Racing would survive. I expected the bottom four to be Jujuy, SMT, Tomba and Rosario Central. Now, one or both of Gimnasia LP and Racing will at least be in the promedios. It’s a horrible thought to want GELP to drop points to INDEPENDIENTE, as El Lobo is my 2nd favourite Argentine club, but Racing is No1 and I can’t imagine Primera without La AKD.

    If Caruso Lombardi can stir things up, stand up for the club in the face of AFA’s favouritism to other teams and referee bias, maybe refs will treat Racing a bit more fairly. He certainly has charisma, and the sort of guy you’d want with you when backed into a corner. Hopefully he can motivate those who performed so poorly on Saturday. I did find a stream, and I thought Racing’s performance was unspeakably bad. Surely Caruso Lombardi won’t put up with that!

  3. One tiny bright spot this evening… in the little Racing-Independiente spat in Madrid, Lisandro scored two goals and looks like sending Forlan and Aguero out of the Champions League! :-)

    Well actually he scored three. One was disallowed for a non-existent offside. So even if you leave Racing, the referees are against you… :(

  4. Hahahaha! Touché!

    I was thinking the same thing you did. That and also having Licha on my UCL fantasy team were good things.

    Porto v. Atletico is like an Avellaneda derby taken to Europe.

    Porto have Licha, but also Mariano Gonzalez. And Lucho Gonzalez never played for us but has tattooed Racing’s badge in his calf and is a big fan.

    Apart from Agüero and Forlán, Leo Franco and Mariano Pernía are also former Independiente players.

    I guess it goes without saying that I’ll be cheering Porto all the way! ;)

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