Llop out, Caruso Lombardi in

Even when the referee’s against you, it’s hard to keep your job as Racing boss after losing the clásico de Avellaneda, and thus it was that Juan Manuel Llop made way on Monday. It looks like he’s going to be replaced by the fans’ choice, Ricardo Caruso Lombardi.

The approach from the club to the manager was confirmed on Monday evening, having been postponed by 24 hours because initially there were some board members who weren’t in favour. The other option the board seriously considered was Julio César Falcioni, but whilst the financial details still have to be agreed upon, Caruso Lombardi looks set to take the hot seat.

Caruso himself spoke to Fox Sports’ Radio Del Plata, telling them that he hopes to be able to start work on Tuesday, ‘because the match [at home to Argentinos Juniors] on Saturday is very close.’ He took more than half of around 9,000 votes cast on Olé‘s website on Sunday asking Racing fans who they wanted to take over from Llop.

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One thought on “Llop out, Caruso Lombardi in

  1. Caruso was presented this Tuesday and he had his first training session as Racing manager.

    In other news, I don’t know if you are aware that there is a catholic priest inside the Racing board. Well…he got in the middle of a difficult situation when he went to talk to the players and asked them to meet with the barrabravas!!!

    WTF was he thinking??? What’s this?

    He said he heard the barrabravas were thinking of approaching some of the players in a violent manner and he wanted to organize a meeting to avoid the violence.

    Wasn’t he validating a channel for the violent “fans”?

    This is another thing I don’t like about the new Molina’s regime. I hope he learns and improves, because so far…he and his team sure look like they are not up for the challenge.

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