Copa Libertadores 2009: Libertad 2 – 0 San Lorenzo and San Martín 2 – 1 River Plate – the goals

San Lorenzo gave River Plate a pasting in the league back on Sunday, but in midweek in the Copa Libertadores both sides suffered the same fate, losing limply to their hosts. Whilst River’s season will be in danger – yet again – of descending into freefall if they can’t pick things up again against Arsenal at the weekend, it was San Lorenzo’s match that might be more damaging long-term; goalkeeper Agustín Orión has damaged his cruciate ligaments and will be out for six to seven months. He’s likely to be replaced by youngster Bruno Centeno, who could have done better with both Libertad’s goals last night.

Copa Libertadores 2009, Thurs 5th March:

Group 3: Universidad San Martín de Porros (PER) 2 – 1 River Plate

Group 8: Libertad (PAR) 2 – 0 San Lorenzo de Almagro

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2 thoughts on “Copa Libertadores 2009: Libertad 2 – 0 San Lorenzo and San Martín 2 – 1 River Plate – the goals

  1. Back from the bar and this time I don’t feel the usual anger I experience everytime we lose a match. This time is complete and utter sadness.

    It started off badly with Brazenas (the ref), ignoring a foul by a Tigre player in a move that started a counterattack for them, which ended up in a corner kick, which led to them opening the scoring after only 4 minutes. Migliore? Fine, thank you.

    But the ref was no factor this time. I’m ready to throw in the towel and play in the second division again. Twice in my lifetime. Too much punishment for all my loyal support.

    I can’t see a way out. I’m sorry. All the other teams keep getting points, winning, even fighting for the title. We came to 10 matches without a win.

    Can’t believe how poor was Mercado tonight. How horrible was Gonzalez. How stupid is Migliore.

    That’s all from me. Rant is over.

  2. I’m trying to look on the bright side. Godoy Cruz might be deducted points. Ramirez might score lots of goals when he comes back. Zuculini could save the midfield. The team Racing plays in La Promocion could be even worse. Am I doing any good?

    Caruso Lombardi made his first big mistake recalling Migliore. At the first goal he looked like a schoolchild playing his first match in goal in the playground, transfixed by the ball. Terrible.

    To be honest, when they didn’t beat SMT, I expected Tigre to beat us. So, can we beat Godoy Cruz? If we can’t, we may as well give up. But a points deduction for them could be one way out. More defeats for SMT and Jujuy should keep us out of direct relegation. And are Rosario Central in any better state than Racing?

    What about Merlo? Is he the right man for Central, or has his time passed? How ironic and sad it would be if he ended up relegating Racing by hauling Central out of it? I just really really hope that San Lorenzo can do something tomorrow night. The other two matches tomorrow don’t interest me at all.

    Oh, and GELP’s equaliser tonight looked, um, very strange. I hate cheering for Gimnasia’s opponents, under normal circumstances I’d be cheering for them to take the title over Velez, Lanus and the rest. But they can look after themselves in the play-off, if it needs more Gimnasia defeats, even against Estudiantes, to get Racing away from this, so be it :-(

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