Clausura ’09: Round 5 scores and scorers

One match was postponed this time round – the Thursday night match in Mendoza was suspended by the referee with the score at 1-1 after Godoy Cruz fans rioted. The club will have to pay for the stadium (which is municipally owned) to be repaired before the city council allow it to be used again. That wasn’t the only fan incident: police arrested 57 Boca Juniors barras prior to the clásico against Independiente at Huracán’s stadium on Sunday evening. Mauro Martín, the head of La Doce, escaped detention, whilst six police officers were taken to hospital with trauma wounds. For the weekend’s on-pitch heroes and villains, read on…

Primera División A Torneo Clausura 2009, fifth round:
Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba P – P San Martín de Tucumán
Estudiantes de La Plata (M. Sánchez OFF 30) 0 – 1 Vélez Sársfield (R. Ocampo 37)
Lanús (M. Fritzler 8; J. Sand 55) 2 – 1 Newell’s Old Boys (H. Bernardello 3)
Huracán (F. Nieto 34; P. Goltz 49) 2 – 1 Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy (H. Desvaux 11)
Argentinos Juniors (R. Maldonado OG 73) 1 – 1 Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (S. Romero 70)
Tigre (N. Ayala 4; M. Giménez 34, 71; L. Lázzaro 83) 4 – 1 Racing Club (F. Sosa 19)
Colón de Santa Fe (M. Goux 33; L. Acosta 49) 2 – 0 Banfield
River Plate (R. F. García 46; M. Gallardo 66, 77; N. Sánchez OFF 45; R. Archubi OFF 74) 3 – 1 Arsenal Fútbol Club (L. Leguizamón 45+1; S. Sena OFF 73; A. Matellán OFF 82)
Independiente (D. Montenegro 55, 78) 2 – 0 Boca Juniors (P. Mouche OFF 24; S. Battaglia OFF 86)
Rosario Central (G. Burdisso 38; E. Zelaya 45+2; J. Méndez 57) 3 – 1 San Lorenzo de Almagro (C. Ledesma 29)

As usual, check back on Monday night for the goals. And, now that the campaign’s old enough to make it meaningful and I’ve returned from Mexico… league tables!

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5 thoughts on “Clausura ’09: Round 5 scores and scorers

  1. Time to start an Ischia watch. Boca has not been playing with enough fire lately, too many players doing stupid things, and all of it adding up to too much losing. If this is not turned around soon, hmmmm. I guess if Boca progresses in the Libertadores then Ischia will be safe, but if not-curtains.

  2. And, what is Gallardo doing scoring one goal, much less two ??!! I thought he was half crippled and in a ditch somewhere being chewed on by beetles. Sunday was a BAD day for Bosteros. Not to mention the barrabrava problem. The only thing that brought a smile to my face was Rosario Central whuppin’ San Lorenzo for Mr. Mustard Seed.

  3. Where did the extra minute of injury time come from for Central to score their second goal?
    That completely changed that match, San Lorenzo were never gonna get back after that.
    It worries me how good Zelaya is, I never understood why he wasn’t a regular starter. A terrible result for Racing, and I’m starting to get as gloomy as Seba.

    I hope there’s no more stupid things like away fan bans because of the actions of a few barrabravas. But I have a horrible feeling that, like the problem in England, which culminated in Heysel, there’s eventually going to be some really horrible incident in which many are killed, before everyone wakes up and puts a stop to this.

    But, in England, that’s been at the expense of making going to a match a pretty soulless and dull experience these days, IMO.


  4. What a subject for a debate. I guess what I can say is that, unlike in England in the 80’s, the violent supporters in Argentina are DEEP INSIDE THE CLUBS’ SYSTEM.

    It’s not like you can cut them out by going with an all-seater plan. They will put pressure on their respective clubs’ directors and they will be putting pressure on AFA not to do it.

    Death threats will hardly be threats if that happens and I guess by playing the barrabravas’ game, the directors are at fault. Ask Aguilar at River. Ask the new president at Newell’s -who’s paying the consequences of Lopez’s horrible spell at the club-.

    I think attendance figures will continue to decrease. That’s not only because of violence. Ridiculous entrance fees for the strapped Argentine average pocket. Fans allocated in small areas or reduced ‘popular’ sectors just for the sake of ‘safety’. Police abuse. Fellow ‘supporters’ bullying. I have decided not to go to football anymore (started off as a protest against Blanquiceleste and now that they’re gone, I guess I just got old to queue for hours to get a ticket and then be utterly uncomfortable at the stadium and then back home, waiting for the bus, watching everyone around me afraid I could get robbed and to top that up, Racing losing every day!).

    I guess this is all something the AFA is doing to prevent fans from going to the stadium and have more and more people paying their subscription fees to watch it on the telly.

    I’m guessing they are quite happy to continue down this road, sure that they will always have people doing anything for football.

  5. There you go! The Racing barrabrava have paid the squad a visit. There were paintings on walls with dreadful messages such as: ‘There are enough bullets for all of you’.

    Things will NEVER change in Argentina. Sad but true.

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