Two good sound thrashings

Milton Caraglio celebrates one of his two
Milton Caraglio celebrates one of his two

Friday night saw two matches featuring teams in need of wins to aid their positions in the relegation dogfight. Both those sides got the three points they were hoping for in spectacular fashion. First, Gimnasia de Jujuy thrashed Independiente (who have now recorded four consecutive away defeats) 4-1, before Rosario Central pitched up at El Viaducto and stuck the same number past Arsenal.

In spite of the win, they remain in the direct relegation places, but it’ll surely give them some confidence to take into their next matches. In their first match under Héctor Arzubialde (Omar Labruna quit last weekend), El Lobo Jujeño struggled to take advantage of their massive superiority thanks in part to Fabián Assman in the visiting goal. That was, at least, until ten minutes before the break when former Boca centre back Matías Cahais smacked in a left-footer off the far post following a second cross from a corner.

In the second half though, Gimnasia were all over their opponents. Independiente came out pressuring high up the pitch in an attempt to grab an early equaliser, but got caught out at the other end. In the opening five minutes of the second period, Gimnasia had four shots, and the last of those, from the impressive Walter Busse, ended up in the net for 2-0. Thereafter it was a case of how many. Ricardo ‘Ricky’ Gómez, impressing on the left wing, set up the third for Mauricio Ferradas, and although Daniel Montenegro, the new key man for the selección, pulled one back with a few minutes to go, Ariel Montenegro completed the rout in stoppage time. It took a change of manager, but Gimnasia de Jujuy have finally won a match in 2009 – and how!

The standard was set, then, for Rosario Central, and the Canalla didn’t mess about in exceeding it with a 5-0 win. Mitlon Caraglio struck twice in the first half against an Arsenal side hoping to pick themselves up from that loss to Marcelo Gallardo’s two golazos last weekend. The second of those in particular was pure farce for the hosts: a long ball forward which wasn’t cleared before a game of head tennis in Arsenal’s penalty box culminated in Caraglio hitting in an overhead kick with goalkeeper Cristian Campestrini stranded.

After the interval Central sat back by and large, soaked up what little pressure Arsenal were capable of exerting, and picked their hosts off on the break. Jesús Méndez made it 3-0 with their first shot of the half in the 52nd minute, Iván Moreno y Fabianesi made it four with their second attempt of the half in the 61st, and after Caraglio had been stretchered off with what appeared to be a phenomenally vicious attack of cramp, his replacement José Vizcarra tapped in the fifth from a long ball with four minutes left.

Reinaldo Merlo’s second match in charge of Central has brought his second win, in resounding fashion. Racing must be hoping like hell this won’t prove an omen for a team so close to them, and managed by an old favourite, in the relegation battle. Central now have room to breathe – and both them and Gimnasia de Jujuy will sleep soundly tonight.

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7 thoughts on “Two good sound thrashings

  1. Way off topic, but speaking of thrashings-what about Liverpool whacking ManU today ??!! It’s been a long time since I have seen ManU’s defense beat up like that. Poor Vidic.

  2. Sam must be feeling sick after that match.

    I think the sun played a part in Vidic’s miscalculation in the first goal. I feel bad for him because he is probably one of the main reasons why Man Utd are where they are this season and now all of a sudden he is a villain.

    Rafa is so defensive it’s exasperating. I think Liverpool would win the league if they played every week against Utd or Chelsea or maybe Arsenal. Teams that ATTACK them so they can hit them on the counterattack. The problem is when Liverpool need to push forward and be the main protagonist. They simply can’t do it.

    Today, I think there were two key moments. Liverpool getting their 2nd just before the break (giving Rafa a lot of time to work on their gameplan for the second half) and the minute in which United made their three substitutions, got a player sent off (Vidic) and conceded the third. That was it.

    Until Liverpool signs a world-class playmaker, they will never be able to unlock the opposition that go to Anfield and play with a similar strategy to Benitez’ favourite ultra-defensive tactics.

  3. Come on you Tiger! ;)

    At least one result went our way. Now we need to stop looking at other matches and start winning ours!

    But first…I’ll say something I never said in my life: Vamos Estudiantes!!!

  4. Johnny, you’re lucky I don’t delete that post. You DO remember who I support, right?

    And Seba, I’m not too bad. It’s football. And the cushion at the top of the league helps me get over it, to be honest. It’s very annoying, but it would’ve been worse if that scoreline had actually reflected the match…

  5. Back to Argentina, then. San Martín get 3 vital points to get out of EVERYTHING at the moment. No relegation, no promoción for them if the Clausura ended today.

    Both Gimnasias are in the straight relegation two spots, but if Racing fail to win tomorrow, it’ll be Jujuy and Racing.

    I can’t believe how crucial this match will be for Racing and I can’t see us winning. I’m sorry. I can’t.

    Just a quick stat, between my Argentine team (Racing Club, of course) and my English team (Queens Park Rangers), I’m in the middle of a combined 19 matches without a win! 10 from Racing, 9 from QPR!

    I can’t remember a similar run since I’m a QPR fan (1997). It’s getting increasingly worrying…but hey…it’s my fault for supporting that kind of clubs, isn’t it? hahaha! I love them anyway. I’ll always love them

  6. Hey Sam, I was pulling for Manchester !! Though it is kind of funny, and unusual, to see Ferguson in a really sh***y mood. :)

  7. I felt bad jumping up and cheering the Tigre goal against Gimnasia, but it’s the only crumb of comfort we have right now…
    Didn’t see San Martín, the streams were awful tonight. Just saw Lanús second half, and wonder why they never play like that in Libertadores.

    Getting worried about tomorrow night now, and I doubt I’ll even be able to see it as all the streams will doubtless be showing Boca. Does Radio Genesis still carry Racing commentaries?

    Seba, I think we are the opposite of glory hunters – misery hunters? I followed Manchester City right down to the old third division… my favourite time was in the old second with Mel Machin and the kids who were all just that bit older than me. Now we’ve got Robinho and Zabaleta and all that money, yet I don’t quite feel the same, probably because I don’t like that ‘fantastic’ new stadium… though I still look out for City and will be listening to Andy Hinch on the radio tomorrow, I feel more at home with Racing just right now… kind of the siege mentality!

    Still wouldn’t mind going through 2001-02 again, though! ;-)

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