Juampi’s not happy

Fabio Capello isn’t the only international manager calling up a goalkeeper who can barely get a start for his club side for the next round of World Cup qualifiers. Diego Maradona has not only included Juan Pablo Carrizo in Argentina’s squad, but will make him his first choice stopper on Saturday at home to Venezeula. Carrizo’s having a torrid time at Lazio, and spoke about his frustration to reporters shortly after arriving in the country on Wednesday.

Carrizo last started for Lazio in a 4-1 defeat to Cagliari on the 25th January, and since then has seen his place taken by Fernando Muslera. Disquiet from the stands was first voiced about the goalkeeper when one of his (frequently successful) attempts to take the ball round an opposing forward went wrong and he cost his side a goal. Since then he’s been virtually frozen out, but he insists that the reasons he can’t get back into the starting lineup don’t seem to him to be footballing ones.

‘I’d like to fight [for my place], but it’s not a sporting matter,’ Juampi told the press on Wednesday. ‘I didn’t lose my place out on the pitch. If that was the case, I could look at my own performances, but if this is happening because someone doesn’t like my face or the way I walk, then I’ve got to get out.’

Carrizo pointed out that South American goalkeepers have always taken a while to bed in in Italy (though spoiled his argument slightly by calling Internazionale’s Brazilian ‘keeper Julio César ‘the best goalkeeper in the world’), before insisting that if he returned to Argentina it would only ever be to River Plate. First, though, he wants to see if there’s a European side who’ll take him. But, ‘if this carries on, I’m leaving in June.’ Diego’s number one knows he’s got to be playing regularly in the buildup to 2010.

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4 thoughts on “Juampi’s not happy

  1. I’m a huge fan of and believer in Carrizo, but I think he’s a bit off the mark here. Not all or even much of Lazio’s problems were down to him, but he also was not the nearly unbeatable monster he was at River. I think he’s much better than Muslera, but the Uruguayan has done fairly well since taking over, so Juan Pablo has to deal with it and fight for his place. Talking like this in the press won’t help him.

  2. My take on Carrizo is that he is a good keeper, but not a very good keeper. Too overconfident, too nonchalant, and as we see, too immature. I hope he remains impenetrable for Argentina however.

  3. Talk about silly comments?

    What about Fabbiani about Nacional de Montevideo?

    He said:

    “Nacional doesn’t have a level good enough to play Copa Libertadores. Ask around and see which club is more famous, River or Nacional”.

    Amazing stuff! Nacional doesn’t have a level good enough to play Libertadores? How did they beat River Plate 3-1? What does that make of River, then?

    Famous clubs? Nacional (3) have won more Copa Libertadores than River (2) in history.

    Nacional manager, Gerardo Pelusso, said on the radio (and I applaud him!):

    “It’s a shame for River Plate, a club with a very rich tradition and incredible idols throughout their history, to have an idol like Fabbiani these days. It speaks about the decadence of the club”.

    “Fabbiani may be very successful with the way he speaks and acts in the places he’s best known, such as discos, night-clubs, brothels…but in football you need to run, play and show your abilities on the pitch.”

    Shut up, Fabbiani. And if you have something to show on the pitch (which I’m sure you do), just save it for after you face Racing! OK?

  4. It was 3-0 actually. :( He shouldn’t have said anything. I do think River are far more famous worldwide tho, despite the Libertadores differences. In almost any football-playing country you will find people who know of River. I don’t think that is true of Nacional. However, it’s completely irrelevant in terms of who can and can not play in the Copa Libertadores. In recent years River have lost games to many little-known teams.

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