Clausura ’09: Round 8 fixtures

Our Argentine readers will no doubt want to put the midweek international to the backs of their minds as quickly as possible, and the AFA are obliging them by getting league action back underway post haste. Friday night sees second-placed Colón visit fifth-placed Huracán, whilst Vélez vs Banfield on Saturday should be a good one. Américo Gallego has a tricky managerial debut for Independiente, who take on Lanús in El Sur, and Boca will be looking for revenge on Sunday: when they played Godoy in Mendoza during the Apertura they got royally thumped. Two clásicos this weekend: the La Plata derby, and the probable debut of Fa-Fa (that’s Fabbiani and Falcao) for River Plate in the country’s oldest rivalry as they visit Racing on Saturday.

All kick off times are local. Add four hours for British Summer Time.

Primera División A Torneo Clausura 2009, eighth round:
Arsenal Fútbol Club vs San Lorenzo de Almagro (Fri, 19:00)
Huracán vs Colón de Santa Fe (Fri, 21:15)
Racing Club vs River Plate (Sat, 16:10)
Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy vs Tigre (Sat, 18:20)
Newell’s Old Boys vs Argentinos Juniors (Sat, 18:20)
Vélez Sársfield vs Banfield (Sat, 21:10)
Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata vs Estudiantes de La Plata (Sun, 15:00)
Boca Juniors vs Godoy Cruz (Sun, 17:10)
San Martín de Tucumán vs Rosario Central (Sun, 19:30)
Lanús vs Independiente (Sun, 19:30)

I’m turning a quarter of a century old on Saturday, so I’ll be out dancing rather than staying in watching football – a write-up of the Racing – River clásico will follow on Sunday, hopefully.

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22 thoughts on “Clausura ’09: Round 8 fixtures

  1. Yes, Many happy returns.
    You won’t even remember Argentina winning the World Cup!!
    One of the downsides of British Summer Time is that I’ll have to stay up til THREE IN THE MORNING to watch Huracán versus Colón. And I have to be up at 7.30 for work on Saturday. Can I do it? Well it looks like a fascinating match, so I’ve got the kettle on for coffee as I write!
    And there’s no way you’d get me out dancing while Racing are playing River Plate. :-)

  2. Thanks for the wishes, gents.

    Matthew, I rarely get the opportunity, living in a village… when I’m out in BA I’ll be able to go to the football and dance afterwards. For now, I’ve got to pick and choose…

  3. Am thinking of Seba watching with the River fan right now… am also thinking of soap operas where you watch and though the characters change, you keep thinking “haven’t I seen this story before?”

    This is like almost every Racing game I have seen for the last two years… we are winning 1-0, but we hare getting hammered, hammered, hammered… if nothing changes, we are so going to lose this 2-1 :(

  4. Now Caballero’s been sent off.

    These scriptwriters are sooooo boring :(

    There’s a horrible sick feeling in my stomach.
    Here come the two Gallardo golazos. Can’t they think of some new plots? :(

  5. I just looked up my symptoms on one of those medical self-diagnosis sites… 50 minutes of chest pains… a dry mouth… nausea… occasional hyperventilation… a feeling of helplessness and impending doom… followed by a rush of delirium and manic dancing.

    It says “you are a Racing fan”.


  6. I would say Migliore officially became a Racing player today, and not an ex-Boca player. Tears at the end. He is still an attention seeking semi disaster, but a clutch performance today.

  7. Anyone able to see a picture on the UStream channel 4-de-abril right now?
    It has 4,000 viewers, and I can see the broadcaster’s slogan running across, but all I see below it is a grey screen.
    Why would this have 4,000 viewers? I am trying to see Jujuy vs Tigre as it affects the bottom of the table, and not the semi-meaningless Argentinos-Newell’s game that everyone else is broadcasting.


    What a horrible thing to experience that second half! It was like a training session in which you do “attack vs. defense”. We kept giving the ball back to River. We couldn’t even hoof it or clear it properly.

    I’m reading Matt’s comments he wrote during the game and it was like re-living those final 35-40 minutes. I was thinking exactly the same.

    I don’t understand why we didn’t play like in the first half for the whole match. We were actually pretty good in the first half and should have scored at least one more goal (that idiot Wagner gifting Barbosa the ball when he had all the time and space in the world).

    My father-in-law was in disbelief during the whole match. We agreed River’s goal was bound to happen any minute. He kept moaning and complaining at Abelairas and Abelairas kept missing opportunities (even failing to hit a bouncing ball in front of him in the box!).

    Fabbiani was a threat throughout the game. Excellent pivot and he should have had a couple of assists to his credit if it wasn’t for his teammates’ inability to find the back of the net.

    I still hate Migliore but I loved him in a couple of moments (especially that save against Rosales). I still don’t want him to play that game against Boca.

    The relief I felt right after the game, was something I haven’t experienced in a long long time.

    Now we travel to Rosario. Anything can happen there, but at least we have three points in the bag that I never thought we’d have.

    What should we want from San Martín de Tucumán v. Rosario Central?

    A Tucumán win to keep Central 3 points behind so even if Central beat us next week all the can do is to catch us?

    Or will the three points for the Tucumanos give them a better average than what we have at the moment (hence pushing us back to the promoción places)?

    My gut says: Go Tucumán (we still have to play them and if they lose a couple of matches their promedio will be seriously affected).

    I don’t want to go to Rosario equal in points with Central with the chance of coming back from there three points behind them.

    What’s your call there, Matt?


  9. As soon as Racing went down to 10 men I knew the game was lost for River. Over the last couple of seasons, the best way to beat River is to get a man (or two!) sent off. It always seems to distract them. I also somehow knew that Migliore would play well. Anyway I’m happy for our resident Racing fans, as this win is more important for Racing than it would have been for River anyway. I don’t think we are quite good enough for a serious title challenge yet.

  10. That’s very nice from you, Justin. And I think you’re absolutely right in saying the win was more important for Racing.

    To be fair on River, they were quite unlucky with Fernández and Quiroga both down with injuries in the first half. Gallardo and Falcao were supposed to come on in the second half, but with only one substitution left, there was no room for both and I think that was one key to understand what happened in the game. Falcao, of course, didn’t start because he was coming from two WCQ games and the long flight from Colombia.

    For a change, we were really lucky against River!

  11. Great point by Seba there about the substitutions, I was thinking exactly the same when River had to make their second one!

    Definitely want Tucumán to beat Central, as I don’t think they’re going to pick up any points away from home to keep their average higher than Racing.

    Are De Muner and Noce back for them? I think my comment about this kind of got lost in the World Cup mania, but it was a bit strange having them serve their bans in the half-hour game against Godoy Cruz, especially as they’d already played in the first installment!

    A pity that Lanús-Amargos and SMdT-Central are on at the same time, as I really wanted to see both games, and I’m not too fussed about Boca-Tomba… though a Boca win might be useful, as I haven’t given up hope of those eight straight Godoy Cruz defeats that could keep Racing out of la promoción!

    I’m not really looking forward to the La Plata game. I have never NEVER supported Estudiantes in this fixture before! It’s really going against the grain, but Racing have to make the most of any advantage.

    Quite annoyed what happened to UStream last night – there were half a dozen of us in a chat room going ‘can you see anything?’ ‘Nope. Try downloading this browser’ ‘Nope, sorry, that doesn’t work either’… then the whole thing came back up just as the Jujuy-Tigre match was finishing!

  12. OFF TOPIC: Damn. Typical. They always squirm out of it in the end….

    Amused to see the BBC website has the attendance as 5,409!

    With OT attendances like that, City are clearly the biggest club in Manchester ;-)

  13. It’s been a very strange day. I never thought that I would sit stony faced as Gimnasia score against Estudiantes. I didn’t leap up and cheer the equaliser, it didn’t feel right. I just went ‘yessss’. But it’s also a strange day when Independiente get hammered 5-1 but I’m still sitting stony faced, as Central look about to win in Tucuman – despite being totally outplayed in the first half – and we’re back to square one. I really don’t think Racing can get anything in that atmosphere in Rosario. Not even a draw. So despite the raised hopes of yesterday, I’m now resigned to both Racing and Gimnasia being in la promoción. I just hope those Nacional B sides aren’t very good.

    Mind you… 5-1. Well I suppose it is quite funny really : )

  14. Godoy Cruz looks like they are staying up.

    With promotion and relegation, it looks like it’s the return of Chacarita to primera very soon, and a trade of one tucumano for another, Atlético Tucumán has a crazy goal difference in its favour.. The playoff should be pretty easy for racing/gimnasia, Aldovisi or Atlético Rafaela or your pick of teams from cordoba. Nothing to feel too threatened about, last time the crema were in, they accomplished next to nothing. El tiburon hasn’t been there yet.

  15. I think Belgrano and Talleres look the toughest of the possible play-off opponents. Easiest would be Aldosivi, but I only base this on brief snatches of stuff uploaded to one of the forums. I’ve only seen one complete Nacional B game this season, the Belgrano-Talleres 1-1 draw. The main player I recognised was Lussenhof.

    I take it that away fans are *still* banned? I’m sure this would be lifted if one of the three big clubs (Racing, GELP, Central) went down, they are such massive clubs within the country I don’t think AFA would allow their fans only to see half their matches, there would be uproar. Maybe the ban was mainly because of the rowdy followings of Chaca and Chicago anyway, neither of whom will be in B next season I guess?

    Can’t say I’m looking forward to Chaca’s return, I expect some serious hooligan incident involving them (probs when they play Boca) and more poilitcal machinations at the top level of football.

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