A milestone for River

The current team might be trying their best to erase all positive memories of the club’s history for their fans, but River Plate can celebrate a milestone of sorts today. In 1908 they won a promotion playoff with Racing, and one hundred years ago today, on the 2nd May 1909, they beat Argentino de Quilmes 5-0 at home. It was River’s first match in the top flight of Argentine football, and since then they’ve never been relegated (thanks in part to the AFA re-writing the rulebook and introducing the promedio during the 1980s), and have been the most successful side in the country domestically. Today, River become the first club in Argentina to celebrate a full century in the first division. Thanks to Seba for tipping me off to this statistic, and felicidades to River.
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3 thoughts on “A milestone for River

  1. You’re welcome, Sam!

    I grew up hating River with a passion! I’m a firm believer that you hate teams depending on the people you meet through your life and the team they support. I happened to meet a lot of people I disliked (and sometimes despise) that happened to be River fans.

    Add to that, the fact that River ALWAYS beat Racing (when they don’t play in an international cup, because we owned them outside the domestic league!).

    But over the last few years, I’m starting to turn the corner and now I appreciate teams and clubs and their tradition and history.

    And there’s no denying River is one great example of a successful and popular club from my country and I salute them in this special occasion and congratulate them for reaching 100 consecutive years in the top-flight (even when nobody from the club or the media in general seem to be aware of this!).

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