Clausura ’09: Round 13 scores, scorers and goals

For the second week running I’ve been obliged to keep you all waiting until Monday evening for the scores, for which I apologise. Read on for those, and click this link to watch the goals from the weekend courtesy of the TN Sportblog. You’ll find the usual running order for that video after the rundown of goalscorers and red card recipients.

Primera División A Torneo Clausura 2009, thirteenth round:
Banfield (S. Silva 26; S. Fernández 55) 2 – 2 Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy (R. Gómez 2; W. Busse 11; S. Iuvalé OFF 61)
Tigre (C. Luna 28) 1 – 1 Argentinos Juniors (G. Peñalba 22)
Arsenal Fútbol Club 0 – 0 Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata
Vélez Sársfield (S. Domínguez 76; V. Zapata 87; W. Ponce OFF 84) 2 – 2 Racing Club (C. Yacob 44; R. Ramírez 51)
Colón de Sante Fe (E. Fuertes 65, 89) 2 – 0 San Martín de Tucumán
Rosario Central (E. Zelaya 80) 1 – 1 Newell’s Old Boys (M. Fórmica 21)
Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba (L. Fórmica 65; L. Caruso 77) 2 – 0 Independiente (G. Machín OFF 77)
San Lorenzo de Almagro (G. Bergessio 86; J.M. Torres OFF 50) 1 – 1 Boca Juniors (F. Roncaglia 26)
River Plate (R.F. García 7) 1 – 1 Lanús (J. Sand 47)
Estudiantes de La Plata (C. Cellay 24) 1 – 1 Huracán (M. Bolatti 71)

Running order for TN Show de Goles:
Banfield (green & white striped shirts) vs Gimnasia (J) (navy)
Tigre (navy & red) vs Argentinos (white)
Vélez (navy, white ‘V’) vs Racing (sky blue & white stripes)
Colón (black & red halves) vs San Martín (T) (red & white stripes)
Central (blue & yellow stripes) vs Newell’s (red & black halves)
Godoy Cruz (white, navy pinstripe) vs Independiente (red)
San Lorenzo (red & navy stripes) vs Boca (navy & gold)
River (white, red sash) vs Lanús (maroon)
Estudiantes (red & white stripes) vs Huracán (white)

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4 thoughts on “Clausura ’09: Round 13 scores, scorers and goals

  1. its just gone beyond a joke how bad river plate are at the moment. Aguilar is to blame. The fat man has run the club into the ground.

  2. I can’t believe a year from next month River fans were flocking around the Obelisk in celebration. This team is absolutely rotten and needs to be blown up. At this point all I’m waiting for is Agulilar to go.

  3. My favourite of the comments on Monday was Fabbiani saying that, ‘those banners weren’t spontaneous. Someone planned them.’ Well really, Cristian? I wonder why they did that…

  4. The best thing was Olé going with a fake picture all across their cover.

    They picked it up from a River Plate fan forum and published it on their Tuesday edition.

    The picture was from a banner River fans hanged on Sunday. This forum’s user edited a banner that read: “LA PEOR DEFENSA DE LA HISTORIA” (The worst defense in our history”) and edited with Photoshop to make it read: “LA PEOR DIRIGENCIA DE LA HISTORIA” “The worst directors the club has had in its history”.

    There goes the little credibility Olé had left. What a shocker!

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