Clausura ’09: Round 17 fixtures

Back to the league after the thrills and spills of the international break. Three matches remain, and this weekend the endgame gets going with two clásicos on Sunday – one in La Bombonera, where San Lorenzo will be the ‘home’ side, and one in Avellaneda between Racing and Boca. The clash between River and Tigre might prove vital to the latter’s (or the former’s, for that matter) hopes of qualifying for continental competition next season. Banfield and Independiente set the ball rolling.

All kick off times are local. Add four hours for British Summer Time.

Primera División Torneo Clausura 2009, seventeenth round:
Banfield vs Independiente (Fri, 19:00)
Colón de Santa Fe vs Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (Fri, 21:15)
River Plate vs Tigre (Sat, 16:10)
Vélez Sársfield vs Newell’s Old Boys (Sat, 18:20)
Arsenal Fútbol Club vs Lanús (Sat, 18:20)
Estudiantes de La Plata vs Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba (Sat, 21:10)
San Lorenzo de Almagro vs Huracán (Sun, 11:00)
San Martín de Tucumán vs Gimnasia y Esgrima de Jujuy (Sun, 15:00)
Racing Club vs Boca Juniors (Sun, 17:10)
Rosario Central vs Argentinos Juniors (Sun, 19:30)

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17 thoughts on “Clausura ’09: Round 17 fixtures

  1. Why is San Lorenzo-Huracan being played at la bombonera?

    Security reasons? I guess so because of the ridiculous kick off time.

  2. Allow me to say, with great joy and relief, that with Gimnasia’s defeat on Friday, RACING ARE ABSOLUTELY SAFE FROM AUTOMATIC RELEGATION.

    That’s something I feared for most of the Clausura and I didn’t think we would be safe with three/two matches to play.

    Now if we win tomorrow against Boca, we will be safe from la promoción too!

    But when your goalkeeper has a tattoo on his back with the image of Martín Palermo in his Boca shirt, you kind of think we’re not going to win. Unless we score one more goal than Palermo, that is.

    Banfield are safe from EVERYTHING. They had an easy game on Friday against a team that could be in trouble next season. Could they? Or will they suddenly hit form and win the Apertura? (like they did a few seasons ago when their promedio was terrible)

  3. Ah yes Seba, I remember that season… it was just typical that Racing win the title for the first time in 34 years, then *they* go and win it the year after!

    I remember actually supporting Boca in that run-in just because I just didn’t want to see los Amargos be champions…. Chelo Delgado scored a fantastic goal in the Monumental to beat River, and Boca kept winning, Independiente dropped a few points, and then when Guillermo B-S went on a dribble and drilled in a shot in front of the Boca fans in the away section, I thought that was Amargos done for. Unfortunately, Pusineri scored that looping header that seemed to go in in slow motion, and the title was theirs. :-(

    Don’t think they’ll be in trouble next season – on your chart, I see they’ll have nearly 20 more points than Racing, GELP and Central. But if they and River keep doing badly next year, 2010-11 could be *really* good! :-)

    As for tomorrow, I think we’ve got a reasonable chance… Migliore seems to have settled into being a Racing player more, I think 12 months ago, he was *only* thinking of returning to Boca. Surely he’s going to be professional and do his best? Interesting to see if he celebrates any goals….
    Every point counts towards next season as well, I’ve been counting down to this game for a fortnight.

  4. Not confirmed as far as I know. Would absolutely LOVE to see that!

    And I would LOVE to see *spit* Grondona *spit* GONE from the AFA, preferably, before I end this message.

    I hope he doesn’t get the ageing genes from his mother, who lived more than 100 years, because if he does, then we’ll see a lot of his fat horrible face for years to come.

  5. At the other end of the table, bad news… Lanús have played one of the worst games I’ve ever seen from them, and been hammered 4-1 at Grondona FC. Even worse, Blanco was booked and misses next week’s game against Vélez, who look to be going top by beating Newell’s.

    So us non-Vélez fans had better hope Huracán win tomorrow, or Vélez could be champions next Sunday

    Mind you, if it comes to a last game shoot-out between Vélez and Huracán, I’d still be worried for Huracán’s chances, they don’t have good history in games like that (them being hammered 4-0 by Amargos in 94 in a final game to lose the title was one of the first Argentine games I ever saw on satellite TV).

    I hope the international break – and heavens above, it seems that the week after next there’s ANOTHER break for the national elections – doesn’t disturb the momentum that Cappa has built up with them.

  6. Vamos Gimnasia de Jujuy! A nice farewell party from them winning in Tucumán!

    Didn’t see that coming.

    Great win by Huracán, this morning. It’s going to be a great last couple of weeks in the Clausura.

    Racing about to start. Pressure’s off after Tucumán and also Godoy Cruz lost, but we still have to win this.


  7. Seba, didn’t you say that Sosa was one of the thickest players you’ve ever seen… hmm, well blasting an indirect free kick past an unconcerned Pato wasn’t too clever! :-(

    I think we’re slightly the better side though. Boca look to me like a very old side, and Bianchi and Basile are going to have to do some major rebuilding to keep them at the top of the world game, where they reckon they belong.

    Loved the Huracán victory today! The whole match was compelling, and towards the end Huracán started to play their ‘tiki-tiki’, Pastore showed some lovely touches.

    Wasn’t going to watch the Jujuy-SMT game, but glad I did. Turdo was hopeless, missed so many chances, hopefully Newell’s will put them down next week.

    I was going to post something about Migliore and also Mohamed, I’ll wait till tomorrow to post as there’s still lots of football left tonight.

  8. Oooof. Ugliness for Bosteros, but what else is new ?What a turnaround for Racing under RCL. Bostero Forever thinks he’s a chanta, but what a job he has done. Any relation to Vince ?

  9. I want Racing to descend in an uninterrupted toboggan through all the divisions and underdivisions of argentine futbol until the Z League.

  10. Hey,
    the above was said in the most friendly way.
    I have friends who are Racing fans.
    For Racing, the 2011 found him playing the D League will be enougn (put a smiley icon here).

  11. Sorry, Bostero Forever, that’s not going to happen anytime soon. 2011? Yes, could be. In the meantime, we’re quite happy beating both Boca Juniors and River Plate with what perhaps is our worst team ever!

    You see…Racing are helping humanity big time here!

    Yesterday, we won a very important battle in the war against the PIG FLU!

    And by dealing with River Plate earlier in this Clausura, we were just making sure the BIRD FLU wouldn’t bother again!

    (all of this also being said in the most friendly way possible! ;)

  12. Matt…I’m glad you remembered that comment I made about Sosa!

    How stupid can a player be? What was really sad to see was his face of absolute joy and that pathetic leap he took to celebrate it with a team-mate!

    How thick can you be? Dear Lord!

    Grazzini, on the other hand…

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