A nice box of Coco

That headline doesn’t quite work as a pun, does it? The name of Boca Juniors’ stadium means ‘sweet box’, you see, and Coco is a bit like cocoa, which is chocolate, and oh never mind. Maybe ‘Alfajor Basile’ would have been better? Hmm? No, alright then. On Saturday evening Alfio ‘Coco‘ Basile was convinced by Carlos Bianchi to bring his dulcet, silky-smooth vocals to the dressing room at La Bombonera. When Carlos Ischia is shown the door at the end of the Clausura, the man who preceded Diego Maradona as Argentina boss will be brought in.

The pair met at Bianchi’s house and reached a personal agreement, which will be officialised by Basile’s agent and the Boca board in the next few days. Bianchi, the club’s sporting director (for want of a better phrase – no-one seems entirely sure what does exactly) wanted a manager with some previous at the club, and for that reason – as well, one presumes, as the fact he’s not currently employed elsewhere – Basile was always the favoured option over Héctor Cúper, current boss of the Georgian national side.

The hope is that by bringing such a big name to the Bombonera bench, Bianchi can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet rather than watching from the directors’ box whilst the fans chant for him to put in charge himself throughout every match. The contractual figures being talked about between the two men aren’t understood to differ wildly, so Basile should be confirmed in the position by the end of next week.

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5 thoughts on “A nice box of Coco

  1. WELCOME BACK COCO ! I have wished often that Coco never had left Boca. He did a fantastic job at Boca, won everything there was to win, and got great efforts from young players, many who returned to semi mediocrity after Coco departed for the NT. I only hope that he hasn’t been too damaged by the NT experience. So again, a big welcome back to Coco, and smoke ’em if you got ’em.

  2. I cheerlfully agree.
    Also heard that were some players like Palermo, Riquelme and Battaglia who supported his comeback, against the other postulant, Hector Cuper.
    Must be the only thing, in a very long time, in which Martin and Roman were of the same opinion.
    Like Boggey once said: could it be this the (re)born of a long friendship?

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