Celebrations all round

Newell's 0-1 SMTWith their backs to the wall, San Martín de Tucumán won on Friday night. Any other result would have relegated them, but as they worked their way to a 1-0 victory away to Newell’s Old Boys, El Coloso Del Parque reverberated to fireworks. This result, you see, makes things a little more difficult for Newell’s local rivals Rosario Central. What a coincidence…

In a fairly unremarkable match, it was Matías Urbano’s goal, stealing in at the far post ten minutes before half time, that separated the sides, with Newell’s not offering an awful lot of get up and go in the second half in the faces of the visitors’ attempts to shut the game out. Urbano saw red in the 65th minute for a totally needless foul from behind on Hernán Bernardello, but by that point the visitors had decided that defending their lead was the way to go, and they got their way. Their hopes are still slim, but they survive until the final week, at least.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrations all round

  1. aww, this means trouble at the bottom! Gimnasia LP & Godoy Cruz, and to a lesser extent Racing. 6 points left in play.
    15 Racing 1.205 135/112
    16 Godoy Cruz 1.194 43/36
    —– promotion
    17 Rosario Central 1.161 130/112
    18 Gimnasia 1.116 125/112
    —— drop zone
    19 San Martín (T) 1.081 40/37
    20 Gimnasia (J) 1.036 116/112

  2. Gimnasia LP had better hope Lanús beat Vélez and so still have something to play for when they visit Tucumán.

    I really wasn’t expecting this. I went to bed at 10pm, expecting to get up to SMT already down, it was a shock when I checked HEGS on my phone this morning and saw this story!

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