2011 Copa América organisation gets underway

For those who aren’t already aware, the 2011 Copa América will be played in Argentina, and on Tuesday AFA President Julio Grondona met with Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to start thrashing out the details. It’s been agreed that the main venue for the tournament will be La Plata’s Estadio Municipal (currently home to Estudiantes). In other news, for no good reason at all, Grondona’s pet team Arsenal de Sarandí will be playing their final match of the Clausura, at home to Independiente, a week before the rest of the teams conclude their season.

After a meeting which included the two Presidents as well as various bigwigs from La Plata’s two Primera División clubs, Estudiantes and Gimnasia y Esgrima and numerous national and local governmental figures, it was confirmed that La Plata will be the city Argentina’s Copa América will be based around. There will also be matches played in Santa Fe, Córdoba, San Juan, Mendoza, Salta and Jujuy. Just for a change, it seems fans in Buenos Aires won’t have the majority of the matches to themselves. The Estadio Municipal de La Plata will have a proper roof fitted in time for the event.

The final round of matches in the Torneo Clausura, meanwhile, has been rearranged again. It was originally postponed by a week to allow for the country’s elections this coming weekend, but the Executive Committee of the AFA announced on Tuesday that Arsenal vs Independiente will be played this coming Friday night.

The other nine matches will be played at the end of next week. The three sides from Santa Fe Province – Colón vs Boca, Racing vs Newell’s and Central vs Godoy Cruz – will play on the Friday and Saturday, to allow for that province’s elections on the Sunday. Fortunately, with Central already guaranteed fourth-from-bottom place in the relegation table, and Racing already safe, this won’t mean anyone has an advantage going into the Sunday games regarding knowledge of what score would fit them best.

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5 thoughts on “2011 Copa América organisation gets underway

  1. A little ‘correction’, Sam. Independiente is another Grondona’s pet club (he was their president in the past).

    So there you go. They get to start preparing for next season (which will start the weekend of the 16th of August) one week earlier than all the other teams.

    By the way…how on Earth will Grondona ever get rid of the promedios if they are saving none other than Independiente this season.

    Ever asked yourself what the cumulative (Apertura + Clausura) league standings would look like (apart from the fact that Lanús would have been the champions with a good 9-point cushion over Velez?).

    Here’s the bottom 6 (all of them would be risking relegation or promoción).

    River Plate 41 pts
    Rosario Central 40
    San Martin (T) 40
    Argentinos Jrs. 38 (-11 goal difference)
    Gimnasia (J) 38 (-19)
    INDEPENDIENTE 38 (-22)

    Pathetic, really!

    Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata get to the final game of the season risking automatic relegation when they sit comfortably in mid-table with 52 points (12 wins, 16 draws, 9 losses).

    Only 6 points behind Huracán in that table.

    Since there aren’t websites in which you can find what would be the proper league standings (long tournament), here it is.

    Lanus 72
    Velez 63
    San Lorenzo 60
    Tigre 59
    Boca 58
    Huracan 58
    Colon 57
    Estudiantes 54
    Newells 52
    Gimnasia 52
    Racing 49
    Banfield 46
    Godoy Cruz 46
    Arsenal 45
    River Plate 41 pts
    Rosario Central 40
    San Martin (T) 40
    Argentinos Jrs. 38 (-11 goal difference)
    Gimnasia (J) 38 (-19)
    Independiente 38 (-22)

    1. I know I disagreed with you about the short tournaments, and I think they do provide more excitement – Vélez v Huracán will be immense from a football point of view, though a nightmare on security – I do feel sorry for Lanús, who have consistently played attractive football all season, not like Huracán who’ve played it for eight weeks.
      And yet they win nothing, apart from a place in the Copa Sudamericana which they don’t need to win anyway, they already have a Conmebol.

      ALWAYS agreed with you about the stupid promedios. I would’ have *loved* to see that league table this season, I would have laughed so hard if Independiente had gone down bottom.

  2. The question should be, Johnny:

    How many pesos is Grondona getting to decide the Estadio Unico de La Plata will be the main venue?

    I can’t see a Copa America taking place in Argentina with absolutely no matches played in the city of Buenos Aires.

    I can’t.

    1. Hey Seba-I read somewhere where none of the matches were scheduled for Buenos Aires. I think I read that in the Buenos Aires Herald. That said, they can be pretty unreliable.

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