A guest slot

If you were wondering why I’ve not written much here on HEGS about the upcoming final weekend of the 2009 Torneo Clausura season, including the ‘finalísimo‘ between Vélez Sársfield and Huracán and the relegation battles on Sunday, it’s because I’ve been talking about them. Frequent HEGS comment-botherer, journalist, and fellow webmaster over at Mundo Albiceleste was kind enough to invite me to take part in a podcast on his site about the conclusion of the league season. And here’s the result. Enjoy. And thanks Seba for some good conversation.
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3 thoughts on “A guest slot

  1. Sam, Seba, well done, I really enjoyed that. Thanks for continuing to try to make sense of relegation and giving the historical background for the Velez-Huracan match. How did you guys do that, Skype?

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Justin, it was a lot of fun for me recording it (it was also the first phone call I’ve ever made over Skype, and I doubt everyone can say that theirs was recorded and put on the internet). There will be a follow-up for sure, and possibly a HEGS podcast of some sort next season, if I can find the time.

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