Racing across the line

Sensini congratulates Caruso Lombardi with a slap in the face
Sensini congratulates Caruso Lombardi with a slap in the face

Racing and Newell’s Old Boys completed their seasons on Friday night in El Cilindro, with Ricardo Caruso Lombardi’s boys completing a stunning campaign – largely under their new manager – to climb to fifth place prior to the rest of the weekend’s games.

After an appalling start which saw Alexis Machuca give Newell’s the lead only two minutes in, stealing in after everyone else in the box had fallen asleep from a free kick. Racing improved quickly (it would’ve been hard to get worse) and drew level just twenty minutes later through Matías Martínez, who headed in from a Franco Sosa centre.

The second half began in the opposite manner to the first, with Racing the side to take an early lead through Adrián Lucero. The match petered out somewhat after that, with the home crowd’s thoughts drifting towards thanking the departing Franco Zuculini for his performances this season, and enjoying what remained to be seen of Pablo Lugüercio until the next campaign starts up.

La Academia knew they’d survived even before this match, but celebrated in the best possible manner – with three points that’ll give them an even better position in the Promedio next season. For Newell’s, not quite so much reason for celebration, but at least their rivals Central are still in trouble…

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