San Martín fall, Gimnasia survive another few days

The big finale of the 2009 Torneo Clausura has seen its first act played out with a late winner for visitors Lanús in Tucumán and a victory for the hosts in La Plata which see Gimnasia La Plata secure a relegation playoff spot ahead of San Martín de Tucumán, who go straight down to B Nacional. Two goals from Sebastián Romero saw Gimnasia over the line, whilst in Tucumán Lanús won 3-2, with José Sand cementing his place as goleador for the second short championship in a row.

The result between San Martín and Lanús was made academic by Gimnasia La Plata’s easy victory over their already-relegated namesakes from Jujuy. Sebastián Romero got things going early on with a near post header from a corner in the fourth minute which left visiting goalkeeper Nereo Fernández punching the air. Romero doubled his lead in the 68th minute, and at no point did the visitors look like threatening – throughout the match they demonstrated exactly why they were relegated weeks ago.

In Tucumán, not that it eventually mattered anyway, things didn’t start well for San Martín. José Sand scored first for Lanús from the penalty spot – referee Javier Collado having correctly spotted a foul on Diego Lagos by Raúl Saavedra, but incorrectly deciding it took place inside the box – and El Granate comfortably held out until half time. In the second half, Daniel Vega gave San Martín hope with an equaliser in the 52nd minute but Sand, in the 63rd, scored his thirteenth goal of the Clausura to put Lanús back into the lead. Jorge Serrano’s 72nd minute equaliser looked for a long time like it had claimed a consolatory point for San Martín on their way down, but in the 86th minute Lagos denied them even that, and it finished 3-2 to the visitors.

San Martín are relegated direct along with Gimnasia de Jujuy, then, whilst Gimnasia La Plata will play the Promoción against Atlético Rafaela, the first leg of which will be during the week. Attention now switches to Liniers, where Vélez take on Huracán for the title.

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27 thoughts on “San Martín fall, Gimnasia survive another few days

  1. If the game re-starts, it surely favours Vélez. Huracán will find it very difficult to play ‘tiki-tiki’ in these conditions.

    They should be 1-0 up already, the goal didn’t look offside.

    I have a bad feeling about this.

  2. I’ve an idea. Let’s abandon the game, let the current score stand and Huracán are champions, ja ja ja!

  3. That´s a pretty impressive hailstorm. Looks like they´re big as golf balls.

    I really hope the game colud re-start soon.

  4. Sorry, I hope not Johan. Huracán can’t play their normal game in this, Cappa should make a stand. It looks way too dangerous, if I were a player, there’s no way I’d go out onto that pitch again.

  5. This is almost laughable. Velez officials with those reverse vacuum cleaners trying to clear the pitch of hailstones. They are soooo desperate to play tonight. I really think Vélez will win now :-(

  6. plus la cancha will be ruined for pre-season.
    This would force both teams to play aerial, which I think Velez do better

  7. Huracán are being cheated out of this, no way is that pitch playable. It’s like a cab horse running against a race horse, in conditions like that, the cab horse will win.

  8. What a clumsy tackle, can´t blame the hailstorm for that. Just plain stupid.

    Worthless penalty. Why didn´t Maxi take it?

  9. Looking at the defending so far, I think the odds are against Huracán holding out, but you never know. If only that ball hadn’t hit the bar!

    I’m feeling physically ill watching this!

  10. Can you imagine if Turco Mohamed was the coach of Huracán instead of Cappa?
    I think he would have murdered Brazenas by now.

  11. the minuto by minuto on Clarin, isnt updated beyond 45′ what the hell happened, the ticker is well past 100′ now :(

  12. Well, you missed Larrivey having a boxing match with ‘Maestrico’. It’s horrible now. Exactly the way I wouldve expected Velez to win this.

    Now they have. A bad night for lovers of football.

  13. Huracan almost scored from a scramble in box. Montoya gathered. velez had chance to win with breakaway one on one but shot straight at monzon. Then a bout of handbags. All over one nil velez. Feel sorry for Huracan esp the manner in which they lost after a great season of football by them.

  14. Huracán was robbed. It’s as simple as that.

    Not only Larrivey fouled the keeper, but I think he was also offside!

    Not to mention Dominguez’s goal in the first half.

    I despise Velez now and it killed me it was Maxi, a player Racing didn’t make the effort to keep, who scored the title-winning goal.

    A sad day for football indeed.

  15. I missed the whole freaking thing ! No electricity in my section of San Telmo. After reading all the comments, I am glad I missed it.

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