¡Estudiantes Campeón!

Mauro Boselli wins the Copa for Estudiantes
Mauro Boselli wins the Copa for Estudiantes

The 50th edition of the Copa Libertadores has been won by Estudiantes de La Plata, who lift the trophy for the fourth time in their history, after a 29 year wait. Winning in Belo Horizonte’s feared Minerão, where Argentine sides fear to tread (but have succeeded before all the same), Juan Sebastián Verón emulated his father Juan Ramón by captaining a Copa-winning team. His side came through after falling behind early in the second half, with goals from Gastón ‘not good enough for River Plate’ Fernández and Mauro ‘not good enough for Boca Juniors’ Boselli. For a sense of how the match unfolded, you can review the live updates – I’ll be back on Thursday with links to any highlight videos I can find of a decent quality. ¡Felicidades Pincha!

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7 thoughts on “¡Estudiantes Campeón!

    1. I only watched the last 30 mins and the full celebration that followed. I will watch the complete game soon, i recorded it. I MUST see Veron’s play and the overall quality of Estudiantes vs. Cruziero. I am happy for Veron because he achieved his goal, which was set very, very high. Wow.

      1. okay. just saw the whole game. Estudiantes kicked Cruziero’s ass. Veron showed very high quality. As Niembro said, all Cruziero could do was lob the ball in and the results were poor. VERY impressive. Great game. Great result.

  1. Piss poor reception by the Cruziero fans. Did they not watch the first leg? Have they never watched a Copa Libertadores final? They got what they deserved.

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