Juan Seba Verón, there’s only Juan Seba Verón…

So sang Manchester United fans in the Old Trafford stands when Verón played for our club. And with a slightly altered headline, you can read all about La Brujita‘s latest trophy win over on ESPN Soccernet. Want to relive that amazing pass on Wednesday night to Christian Cellay one more time? Then check this link out.

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7 thoughts on “Juan Seba Verón, there’s only Juan Seba Verón…

  1. Off topic here, Sam. But I thought I’d let Matt and Kent and any Racing fan around that Migliore is gone!

    Apparently, he wanted to earn his money in US Dollars, said something on the media and a different thing at a meeting with the directors and the new President, Rodolfo Molina, didn’t take kindly to that and showed him the door.

    Way to go Molina! We are bigger than Migliore. Let him go back to Boca (that’s what he wanted anyway). And let us bring another keeper who can just do the job and forget about the cameras.

    Enough with those vomits and time-wasting tactics.

    Thanks for your performances in the Clausura, but my verdict is: “good riddance”.

  2. Surprising about Migliore, but not that surprising. Great move for Racing. I can’t see him returning to Boca, who are also paying with pesos now. Maybe he will take his weird carnival show on the road.

  3. I think he bluffed and Racing didn’t buy it (for once!).

    One of Racing directors is saying it was like an extortion from Migliore and his agent. And I believe him (for once!).

    Let’s see who Caruso brings to play as our GK now.

    1. I read today at Goal.com that Migliore has returned to Boca !!?? Podecer !!?? Say it ain’t so !! Has Bianchi lost his mind ??!!

  4. On topic here.

    Well. If the balloting were today, i’d change my vote from Messi to Veron.

    La Brujita does so much without the support of Xavi, Iniesta, Henry, Tore, FC Barcelona budget, etc. Argentine champ, Copa Sudamerica finalist, Copa Libertadores champion. Good god.

    Sorry Lionel, you might be the better player this year. But, Veron’s story is too much. He is the Argentine player of the year.

  5. Migliore isn’t even that good, is he? I know he played one great game against River, but I didn’t see much more out of him. And at Boca all he did is lose the Copa Libertadores two seasons ago. What has he actually done on the pitch to justify the reputation he has?

    I would still like to know what happened with Caranta at Boca. He was a very good keeper in 2007, won the Libertadores, then was suddenly out of favor the next season.

    1. Ah Caranta. Still no definitive word on his transgression(s). The rumor mill pumped out everything from having a homosexual relationship with a junior team player to his having a sexual relationship with Ischia’s daughter. I suppose not both.:)

      At any rate, he is with Lanus now.

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